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Choices Planner- Career Interests

Description of Choices Planner Interests: ENTERPRISING and SOCIAL

List of 2-3 Career Titles of Interest:

1)Mining engineer 

2) General Operations Manager

3) construction manager

i am a very hands on type of guy so the website helped me gather my desires and ideas to come up with a list of these three careers.  

What I learned from this activity: Professional growth


Community Engagement Exercise

I wrote a paper about people living different lifestyles then me.  In order to completely show how different their lifestyle is from mine is to tell you a little about myself.  My lifestyle is simple.  I came to the University of Alabama to play football so my life is revolved around football and school.  I wake up in the morning to work out before school.  After my workout is practice then go to study hall and do homework.  Sleep is the best part of my day.  On weekends, I participate in a football game then go out or just stay in.  I love the lord so I try to stay religious and read the bible.

What I learned from this activity: Interpersonal skill development

Strengths and weaknesses

in class we talked and wrote about our personal strengths and weaknesses.  

 I have learned that my strenghts were keeping up a good attitude and bringing the energy to an event.

 My weaknesses were confidence at a point but i eventually learned not to have that bother me by getting angry for no reason.  

 What I learned from this activity: Self-Awareness

Autobiography Video