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Joe Harman

Content & Software Developer | E-Commerce Manager |Bring Technical Teams Together & Solve Problems



Manager of Content Development & Ecommerce

Marcone Supply

Led a team of 9 employees in a content development role.

Executed the creation of Marcone's first content studio focused on product imaging.

Reported on data related to relevant business objects based around developing content.

First 9 months of content studio efforts resulted in 55K product images & 12K 360 images

Managed eBay market place store, Parts-Bay.


Retail Web Architect

Marcone Supply

Retail Web Architect-Content & Web Development, Cloud Hosting, AWS, Magento at Supply

Created and managed the content development program corporate wide.

Cloud hosting configuration, Amazon Web Services.

Magento Integration with core Marcone systems.

SOAP & WSDL consumption.

eBay Merchant Integration Platform.

Web development architecture. LAMP/Linux server administration.


Developer Operations

Marcone Supply

Managed a network of 450 websites using PHP, MySQL and MSSQL.

Maintained ecommerce sites Whirlpool brands, Lowes & APWagner.


Applications Developer

Ion Wave Technologies

.NET Class construction.

Data shaping in MSSQL UI/UX Construction A/B Testing 


Web Developer

Super Bright LEDs, Inc
Web Developer at. Page2 (1 year 3 months) Database design and conversion of existing flat file ecommerce site to a scalable model. Developed ecommerce site management system utilizing PHP, MySQL and jQuery. Product photography for web and print usage. Filmed and produced YouTube videos using Adobe Premier, featuring product applications. Developed ecommerce site management system utilizing PHP, MySQL and jQuery. Logistics management and negotiation with USPS, FedEx and UPS. eCommerce fulfillment optimization using barcode technology and software integration. Provided integration, support and training for company network, software & hardware.

Marketing & Graphic Design

Speed Custom & Performance, Inc
IT, Operations, Marketing & Graphic Design at (3 years 1 month) IT, Operations, Marketing & Graphic Design Grassroots branding of new company identity. 1-on-1 contact with customers at events, races & trade shows. Developed first 2 editions of product catalog & eCommerce implementation, which launched company's mail order program. Business software credit card integration, Barcode implementation for sales and inventory. Ecommerce development utilizing PHP, MySQL and Magento Commerce. Administrative operations involved purchasing & logistics negotiation.

Web Applications Consultant

Harman Media
IT & Web Applications Consultant at (4 years4months) Designed, developed, and delivered client web sites. Utilized PHP & MySQL in advanced content management systems. Worked closely with the clients to successfully build custom web based business applications concentrating on business workflow.

Adjunct Instructor

Jackson Community College
Adjunct Instructor at (4 years 4 months) Instructed college level graphic design students in web design & desktop publishing. Served as board member in designing of curriculum for the Visual Communications degree. Advised the college on software and technologies to teach for the web design degree.

Director of IT & Web Technologies

International Smart Tan Network

 Designed, programmed and maintained eight web sites. Created web based trade show registration software. Built searchable archive of publications, research materials and frequently asked questions. Created content management systems for website content Page3 Converted print newsletters to an email format, saving the company over $50,000 a year. Provided hardware and software support for over 38 virtual and local employees. Designed the first 3 volumes of Smart Tan's Accreditation training program. Designed and assisted in the planning of Smart Tan's first product catalog. Created interactive training software, 27, 000 Distributed. Provide IT and media support at industry trade shows for registration staff, guest speakers and educational classes.



U.S. Coast Guard & U.S. Coast Guard Reserve

Search & rescue small boat crewman, engineer & law enforcement boarding team member.

Marine tactical combat engineer for USCG's only combat unit.

Member of the USCG Maritime Security Force for combat operations. 



Visual Communications

Jackson Community College


Application Development