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Work experience

Apr 2006Present

Lead Engineer/youth mentor

Trackhouse Studio

At Trackhouse studio I record,mix,or produce music or any audio needs someone might have.I work on a 24 track digital mixing board that is run by a PowerMac computer.The software we are using is called Protools Le 7.3 and it is the industry standard when it comes to digitally editing music or wave files.I mostly record artist but I have done the audio for radio p.s.a's,t.v commercials,and radio edits for radio commercials.We also offer a program for the youth at the studio called  "Crunch Time" and its mostly for troubled teens,inner-city youth,and youth with slight mental issues.At Crunch Time I am one of the youth mentors and I show the youth how to record,mix,song write,and produce,basically I teach them all that I know and at the end of the program they will be able to walk away with a cd produced and mixed by them.It is a very rewarding expierience and I always enjoy that aspect of the job.

Nov 2008Aug 2009

Teacher assistant/Youth mentor

I.T. Community Support Project

As a teacher assistant for the Community Support Project I help keep the classroom under control and running as smooth as possible while the teacher is teaching the kids information technology.I also had to learn new software related to the class because when the teacher was helping a student the kids often asked me "how do I...?" and by learning the software and hardware I was able to assist them just like the teacher would.I also sent e-mail blast out,made parent phone calls,updated the database constantly by working with open files,organized events such a "Community Day" ,and at times taught my own class due to a teacher absence.I was also responsible for expensive video hardware for the program and doing constant updates and inventory on them.

Mar 2007Jun 2008

Warehouse associate


At Marcone I was a warehouse associate,I was basically responsible for shipping or recieving inventory.Sometimes I would be in the stocking department where I was responsible for putting all the merchandise in the proper location depending on what it was in the warehouse.I used a basic pc computer to find locations of different items,to see if items were missing,or to see how many items were in a certain location.


Sep 1998Jun 2002


Bloomfield High School


Accuracy/Attention to detail
I pay special attention to the assignment/task at hand and I not only want to get it right,but get it right the first time. People in general usually think of everything as a speed contest and will sacrafice quality and care for speed and the satisfaction to say they are finished first.Although speed is critical and time is money,I'd rather take a little longer than someone else to make sure everything is official,accurate,neat and presentable then to rush through something,miss important details or details that could have been done better and have to end up doing it again which as a result took longer to do in the end.My mother used to always tell me this saying "measure twice,cut once" and thats kind of what I live by when it comes to getting something done.I am no robot or machine so I will make mistakes, but I will always give my 100% to make sure the job is done perfectly,or as close as perfect as it can be.
I am a people person and I love it. There are few jobs that require you to work in complete isolation and solitude,if you don't have one of these careers that means you have to either work with fellow associates,customers and or both and I am excellent at both. When it comes to working with others I am a complete team player and I can get along with anyone regardless of age,gender,or backround. I always have a good positive attitude and I belive positive energy can make even the most difficult task seem easy if everyone is involved positively.When no one else is willing to step up,my leadership skills will come in to play and help those on the team who maybe unsure or misguided get focused and complete the assignment at hand.When it comes to customers or the general public I can always relate and understand what the customer wants or needs at the time becuase I have the ability to look at a situation evenly from both sides and sometimes the customer just wants someone to hear them out. I have dealt with all kinds of people from kids,inner-city youths,and adults where poverty dominates the enviorment all the way to someone from a very prestigous and wealthy backround where financial stability has never been an issue and any and everyone in between so I am very diverse when it comes to people.
Computer Literacy
I have always worked with computers and I am pretty comfortable working with most PC computers and I am beginning to learn Mac based software as well.Because I work for an I.T. based company through the University of Hartford I have had to learn new software to help assist the students when they need help.The software I was using was Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Premiere,Scratch,and Game Maker.I have also started learning shareware for website development such as Joomla and Weebly and they have taught me the basics of HTML coding.The software I learned to use through my teacher assistant position are mostly for picture and video editing and web development but I also am very good with audio based software such as Pro Tools and Reason and I am also familiar with word processing programs like Microsoft Word.I am still learning but I am a fast learner when it comes to computers and although the software/hardware maybe unfimilar or new at the time,after a few repititions I will begin getting used to any application I might have to use.


Von Allen

Von Allen is the founder,owner,program director at the Trackhouse, a premiere music studio in Hartford's west end.The Trackhouse is home to many artist of all kind, but yet also provides audio recording and mixing services for any audio need from t.v commercials to radio edits, clean versions of songs for radio,and public service announcements.Trackhouse also provides a youth program called "Crunchtime" and this is where Hartford inner city youth have a chance to expierience what it is like to write songs,mix,,produce,and record in a real music studio.

Colleen Kruger

Colleen Kruger is the reason the Our I.T. program excist.Colleen Kruger is responsible for a lot of the grant writing and proposals help fund our program and without her constant dedication we would not be here.

Shelli Soto

Shelli Soto is the program coordinator for the Our I.T. program.She puts everything together as far as who can get in the program,what kind of classes and teachers will be incorporated in the program and designs the structure on how everything works in the program.




My objective is to put myself in a position with a company in which I can grow,learn,and perform at a high level.Once I have reached a certain level of success my ultimate goal is to be a positive example to others to show them that they can also achieve greatness and I would like to help people reach the goals they have set for themselves.