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An IT consultant specializing Citrix XenApp design, architecting, and deployments.

Having worked in many different environments, including banks, manufacturing, defense and government, i bring unique background and perspective.

Citrix CCEA Certified


Presentation Server versions XenApp, PS4 & PS3, XPe, EdgeSight, CSG, SSL, Web Interface, SQL, Citrix Winframe, backup software, SMS 2.0 / 1.2 / 1.1

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, 2003, 2008

Work experience

Aug 2006Present

Citrix Analyst / Architect

  • Built a Wiki site of Citrix FAQ's for helpdesk
  • Architected new XenApp 5.0 Farm
  • Designed new server builds for Citrix deployment.
  • Maintain and standardize Xpe environment
    • The current environment has been had not been maintained since the last Citrix engineer left (several months). The first order of business was to determine which servers and applications were still being used, and what state of disarray they were in.
  • Plan and deploy all necessary patches to bring servers up to date
    • Planning, testing, and deploying all relevant Microsoft and Citrix hotfixes and patches as well as application updates on the farm.
  • Package standard applications
    • There were no automated application deployment practices in place. The applications were detailed and packaged for rapid deployment.
  • Manage the 3 PS4.0 server farms (242 Total servers)
    • When I first arrived they were only 15 servers in the PS4 server farms (10 prod, 3 QA, and 2 dev). I have build the farms up to 185 production servers, 40 QA servers, and 17 development
  • Train 1st and 2nd level Help Desk personal in basic Citrix troubleshooting
    • Have conducted several training sessions with helpdesk and desktop support personal to cut down on the number of tickets that need to be escalated to 3rd level support
  • Plan migration XPe to PS4.0.
    • Plan and execute application migrations from Xpe to PS4. This involved architecting a PS4 environment that took into account both client needs corporate budget. This included looking at printing, application speed, and ease for user base and hardware and software costs
  • Support users with day to issues
    • For those issues that 1st or 2nd level support could not handle, I would address.
Jul 2012Present

Citrix Engineer

IBM Canada

Retained in 2012 to provide ongoing support to several Citrix farms as well as working on migrations from 4 / 4.5 to XenApp 6.5.I was also tasked with providing Windows server support in terms of patching, firmware, troubleshooting.

  • Provided support to several Citrix farms, ranging from 4.0 to XenApp 6.5
  • Built new IBM Calgary Citrix XenApp 6.5 Farm
  • Migrated applications from 4.5 farms to new XenApp.
  • Did on call support 1 week each month.
Jul 2005Aug 2006

Citrix Analyst / Architect

M&M Mars
  • Perform due diligence on current environment
    • The Citrix deployment had to date had been piece meal, with just more servers added without any planning or considerations to the total environment
  • Plan and deploy all necessary patches to bring servers up to date
    • Currently deployed servers were at different patch / hotfix / service pack levels. This in itself took months to complete
  • Develop best practices for new server deployments
    • Plan and implement a Citrix server build for deployment
  • Develop new application publishing policies
    • Package applications for rapid either redeployment or expansion
  • Train 1st and 2nd level Help Desk personal in basic Citrix troubleshooting
    • Train front line tech support personal of basic Citrix troubleshoot
  • Consolidate low-usage physical servers into a new VM deployment
    • In a change a philosophy in the terms of server deployment, M&M Mars decided to move away from physical servers to a VM environment. The main goal was to eliminate as many servers in the data center as possible.
  • Institute new documentation standards.
    • Forcing application support groups to document the applications.
Jan 2005Jul 2005

Citrix Analyst / Architect

  • Test and evaluate in-house applications on for deployment to Citrix farm
    • Test and document new applications
  • Document Installation procedures
    • Build step by step application installation and troubleshooting documents
  • Oversee application deployment
    • Package applications for easier management of applications in the farm
  • Review server builds
    • Work with server terms to standardize Citrix servers and best practices in terms of tuning the servers
Jan 2004Jan 2005

Citrix Analyst / Architect

  • Evaluate client needs
    • Lead terms of 2 or 3 Citrix analysts to discover client exact needs. This included meeting with clients; listen to their needs and plan an environment that meets those needs.
  • Design and install Citrix Metaframe XPs, XPa, XPe farms
    • Based of the needs of the client, build appropriate Citrix deployments.If the client requested on-going, on-site Citrix support, manage the consultant(s) that provided that support
  • Design and install Citrix web interface and CSG solutions.
    • Worked with numerous clients to provide them with robust and secure remote access for their user base.
  • Document installations
    • It's often said that your legacy is your documentation. Making sure that all levels of the project were fully documented and organized for easy turnover to the client.



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