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Cissy (Qianqian) Hu is a Chinese visual art director and designer currently living with her husband and a fluffy Persia kitty, working in motion, interactive and graphic field in Switzerland. 

Work experience


Motion Graphic Art Director



- ABB Motion Design, Training Video, Content Health Panel Learning Center, BoSA Awards Ideenfindung, Animationskonzept, 3D, Dramaturgie, Umsetzung

- Universalbank der Schweiz mit 150-jãhrigem Bestehen Testimonial Film Dramaturgie, Videoschnitt, Sound, Postproduktion

- Grosse schweizer Bankengruppe Animationsvideo Feature -Tour E-Banking Konzeption, 3D, Motion Design, Postproduktion

- Führendes schweizerisches Unternehmen in der Versicherungsbranche Testimonial Film Dramaturgie, Videoschnitt, Sound, Postproduktion

- Dienstleister im Vermõgensbereich und der Anlageberatung Motion Design Illustrativ Visuelles Konzept, Stilfindung, Animation, Trick, Dramaturgie, Umsetzung

- Grösstes Detailhandelsunternehmen in der Schweiz Motion Design für Konkurrnz - Präsentation Animation, Dramaturgie, Umsetzung

- Diverse Pitches - Präsentationen für verschiedene Kunden Motion Design, Filmschnitt, 3D, UX - Animation Ideefindung, Animationskonzept, Dramaturgie, Umsetzung


Freelancing Art Director and Designer


Graphic, illustration and UI identity art direction and design for: - - -

Redesign, art direction for: IQ Import Corporate Identity (on going)


Freelancing Designer

Büro Sequnz

Motion design for corporate animation video,
Illustration for motion and website projects,
Graphic design for government projects.


Motion Grphic Art Director and Designer

?Waht if!

Art Direction, motion and graphic design for presentation videos:
- Pepsi,
- Levis,
- Pernod Ricard Asia,
- Zigna.



Master in Art, Visual Communication.

Sichuan Fine Art Institution

Full scholarship received.

Posters awarded in nationwide student competition.
Illustration awarded in offical competition.


Bachelor in Art, Multi Arts.

Sichuan Fine Art Institution

scholarship received from 2001~2005.

Trained in sketch, oil painting, water color, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese line art, animation, exhibition design, graphic design, ad branding.

member of student union. Organized and participated in students’ exhibition and performances.


Adobe AfterEffects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Cenima 4D
Adobe Indesign