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When we first began in 2006, our vision was to simplify overly complex email encryption. We wanted to take email to the next “2.0” level. Alongside our great partners we have executed on that initial vision and expanded beyond email encryption as security and end user expectations have evolved. These are three trends that have shaped our new vision.

Email Encryption Is Now Secure Messaging

Email encryption used to be a big deal by itself, but now it’s only one component of an overall secure messaging strategy. Security and compliance risk cannot be truly controlled without integrated solutions for data loss prevention, large files, mobile and tablets, and API integration.

Legacy Encryption Solutions Have Become Commoditized

If all users are getting is a “Send Secure” button, then you’ve entered the realm of commoditized encryption. Commoditized solutions ultimately deliver low value to users and organizations and low margin and attachment rates for our partners.

Security Is More Than A Compliance Check Box

Convenience wins. As long as security is complex and cumbersome end users will go around it. Make security simple, integrated and productive and end users will prefer it. Cirius adds a new world of value to secure messaging with real time messaging, enhanced productivity, and more transparent customer communication. Secure messaging done right is not complicated, its not just for regulated industries, its a smart business decision that protects you and your customers.

Cirius is serious about innovating secure messaging and stepping up where traditional solutions have stagnated. We’re doing it by supercharging our user interface with unique security and productivity features, and by integrating deeper than anyone else with existing infrastructure for a superior user experience. It’s remarkably different from anything else out there in the market. If you’d like to see for yourself, visit for a trial.