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Work experience

Nov 2006Present

Regional Sales Manager

Transilvania Bank Finop Leasing


·Operational leasing, Fleet management and long-term lease Portfolio development (Middle and Corporate Companies)

·Operational leasing quotations (interest, insurance, maintenance, repairs, tires, other services), contracts

·Primary client evaluation (business, financial)

·Constantly database updates; Periodic reports

·New products and services presentation/implementation to existing clients

·Related services contracts – car maintenance, insurance, acquisition (negotiation).

·Debts collection (negotiation, debit refund plans, cars recovery, external debit collection services).


·Second-hand cars re-marketing


·I have build strong relationships with all existing clients, services vendors, car importers (most of dealers) and Transilvania Bank branches.

Own Initiatives:

·Periodical campaigns, new products and services offer promoted to dealers, existing/potential clients, Transilvania Bank Group.

Overall Contribution:

·Full operational leasing activity started in March 2007; today portfolio contains important corporate clients and public institutions. With all this clients has been established strong long-term relationship. The turnover for 2007 was over passed in 2008 with 40%. BT Finop Leasing has (at the end of 2010) around 600 cars in administration. Negotiation and contract signing at 90% from these clients were made at their head-quarters locations in Bucharest (my area).

·Good connections and acquisition agreements with car dealers/importers (sales and after sales departments)

Apr 2006Oct 2006

Sales Representative

Del Fin Leasing IFN


·Portfolio development

·Maintaining links with all purveyors

·Leasing offers

·Leasing contracts negotiation (interest, payment terms)

·Leasing files, contracts, delivery, payments, insurance

Own Initiatives:

·Special finance offer for taxi companies.

May 2004Jun 2006

Key Account Manager

Interpoint Telecom


·Market prospecting

·Making new contracts

·Interpoint products distribution

·Marketing (flyers, stickers, posters etc.)

·Maintain direct contact with all clients

·Weekly and monthly reports


·All Interpoint clients were visited monthly for maintaining partnerships, cards management, issuing invoices and/or cash collect.

Own Initiatives:

·Promotion in December: all month, potential clients for prepaid international calling cards from few supermarket chains received for free a bonus card with small credit (1/2 $). We where present for 4 hours every day all month in a different locations near phone or IT sector.

Overall Contribution:

·Interpoint products - international calling cards were present in major stories all over the country and a lot of small stories in Bucharest.

Jun 2005Apr 2006

Sales Representative

Sebastian Leasing


·Market prospect for new clients

·Leasing contract negotiation (interest, payment terms)

·Offers (general, financial)

·Financial analysis

·Contacting purveyors

·Acquisition and buy-back contracts with purveyors

·Leasing files, contracts, delivery, payments, insurance


·Working for the first time in a organized company with procedures and structure.

·Learning all about finance.

Own Initiatives:

·First participation for Sebastian at auto & finance Bucharest International Auto Salon 2006.

Overall Contribution:

·Signing of important partnerships with machinery and equipments importers for their clients operational leasing financing.


Oct 2007Jun 2010


Economic Studies Academy