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Work experience

General Assistant

I currently work as a GA at my local GameStop. My job is to assist any customer with all of their gaming needs and answer any questions. I've been employeed with GameStop for over 2 years now and I am considered to be one of the best GAs. I work very hard and dedicate myself to all the task at hand to be able to promote myself to a higher position if available.

Jun 2007Mar 2008

Pro Gamer

The Championship Gaming Series

I was a professional video gamer for a year for the Dallas Venom for The CGS in 2007. My job was to perfom in stage at the fighting Dead or Alive 4. The CGS was aiming make itself something similuar to the NBA,but for video games. There were 6 franchises as followed: The San Fransisco Optx,Chicago Chimera,Dallas Venom,LA Complexity,Carolina Core,and 3D New York. Each team had 10 players who would compete in the NA regionals and which ever team got 1st or 2nd would compete with the #1 teams from the Latin Region,UK Region or PanAsia Region. We were signed for a 1 year contract of $30,000/ $2,500 for a monthly pay and our sponsors were DirectTV,Mountain Dew,and Dell.



I was born here in the United States but I am Hispanic at heart. My spanish speaking and reading skills are at top notch.
Customer Service
Ever since I've been working at GameStop our #1 policy is Customer Service,to always make sure that the customer is fully satisfied at all times. Our main goal is to get numbers,which includes subscriptions to the disscount card called The Edge Card and reservation for up coming titles. Since I am bilingual I can be sure to let every customer know that it is in their best interest to purchase the edge card,if they wish,when they buy used accessories or used games.


My personal interest involve technology,computers and video gaming. I'm very facinated by the way the internet was built and how computers run. Video gaming has always been a pasion of mine,considering that I just love how the virtual world is made and how anyone's imagination can made and be played by anyone.