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Blogging, reading, writing, research, biking, swimming, U.S. travel, history, computers, iPhones, healthy eating, activities with friends and family


Freelance writing assignments.

Volunteer Experiences

During my time as household manager, homeschool teacher, and mom, I was very active in volunteer work, including organizing and administrating homeschool support groups, drama teams, music teams, puppet teams, and nursing home outreaches. I created a 501c3 and served as President for five years. I did hospice visitation, sewed maternity clothing for single moms at a local pregnancy center, and served on the board of a state homeschool support group.

I wrote cookbooks, drama skits and newsletters, as well as self-published yearbooks for homeschoolers. At church, I taught preschool classes, wrote newsletters, created a blog Web site for a church, organized a church resource library, wrote and self-published worker manuals, and created a resource library database. 

I taught workshops and seminars on homeschooling, as well as on self-publishing and on how to use social media for marketing.



  • Experienced researcher
  • Experienced writer
  • Experienced interviewer
  • Experienced in social media marketing
  • Experienced in speaking to the public


Work experience

Feb 1976Jan 2005

Household Manager and Mom
Apr 1971Jan 1976

Investment Clerk

Du Pont Company



Experienced with film and digital cameras.
Social Media
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Computer Skills
General Computer Skills on Macintosh Computer since 1980 - Advanced   Macintosh Software:   Quark - Advanced Word for Mac - Intermediate Filemaker Pro-Intermediate Dreamweaver-Intermediate Acrobat Professional-Intermediate Excel-Beginner Powerpoint-Intermediate Photoshop-Intermediate   Macintosh w/Intel Inside since 2007   Word-Beginner Powerpoint-Intermediate Excel-Beginner  


Hal Goldstein

Cindy writes for our magazine, iPhone Life, and blogs regularly at I am extraordinarily pleased. Cindy writes well and is creative and self-motivated. She provides interesting and useful content for our readers. I recommend Cindy for any position of which she feels capable. November 27, 2009 

Dr. Lori McKinnon

Dr. Beverly Bailey

Gena Suarez

I am pleased to recommend Cindy Downes. She is well known in homeschool circles as both a leader and a curriculum provider. My dealings with her have been professional, pleasant and mutually beneficial. Anyone working with Cindy would love her! --- Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC March 22, 2009

Phyllis McLemore

Cindy is dependable, optimistic, well informed and creative. She is a good writer and speaker, too, displaying a great sense of humor and knowledge in many subject areas. Cindy presents her work on time and is thoroughly prepared. Besides having a wonderful work ethic, Cindy is a pleasure to be around. March 19, 2009