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Operations Manager who is result oriented, profit driven, with excellent qualifications in plant management, and staff development acquired through 18+ years of experience. Successful in hiring, training, and mentoring highly productive staff while reducing operating cost in fast paced customer oriented environment. Innovative in creating new revenue services.


Established a new mid-level management staff, directed and monitored efforts to supervise departments, deliver superior customer service, and produce a quality product in a deadline oriented environment.

Customer Service

Implemented operational enhancements increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Created policies, procedures, and job standards creating accountability throughout the production departments while empowering employees to make decisions.

Team Management

Developed a team oriented environment and motivated team members by promoting the company vision. Provided team members with the right tools, training, and resources to effectively perform their responsibilities and provide quality results.Improved and restructured departments, increasing length of employment from 1 year to 4 years,

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Work experience

Jan 2007Jul 2008

Branch Manager


Supervised the day to day operation of the highest revenue generating location through hands on leadership and responsive customer service.

Challenge: Tasked with improving high volume but inefficient location. Customer service was unacceptably poor, deadlines were consistency missed, and quality control was nonexistent. Unit had the potential to be significantly more profitable if operational inefficiencies could be corrected.

·Developed “how to” manuals to ensure staff knowledge and improve customer service.

·Enforced company’s policies and procedures to improve consistency, quality, and expedite job flow.

·Reconstructed dispatch department and improved response time by 50% while reducing labor cost by reconfiguring courier routes, performance charts, and accountability.

·Reviewed sales figures and adjusted labor cost through scheduling and cross training.

Feb 1989Jul 2006

Operations Manager

Honblue Inc.

Directed the production operation, leading a team of direct report mid-level managers and 65 indirect staff members at company’s main facility. Oversaw the operation of two sister companies at 5 locations.

Challenge: Unite individual production departments, get them to function as a team, raise the level of customer service, and reduce operating cost.

·Developed a team oriented environment and provided team members with the right tools, training, and resources to effectively perform their responsibilities and provide high quality results.

·Provided customers with price quotes on large print orders and organized schedules to accommodate large orders responsible for the largest monthly gross sales in company history.

·Analyzed and implemented an inventory control program reduction of inventory and savings of $25,000 a month.

·Developed a structured environment, fostering attention to detail, deadline oriented, and quality control resulting in 99% on time deliveries.

·Created standards, policies and procedures, and training manuals cross-trained employees, ability to perform job efficiently, and reduction in staff.

·Organized weekly strategy sessions to address and resolve any issues that surfaced improved communication between mid-level management and reduction in production oversights.

·Established positive, productive vendor relationships. Negotiated favorable billing policies and contracts; renegotiated existing contracts with in-place vendors improved quality of business services received, and improved cash flow.

Dispatch Manager

Supervised dispatch staff consisting of 30 staff members. Oversaw all functions of department that provided services to 6 store locations.

Challenge: reduce auto insurance premium (high risk), retain drivers, project professional looking couriers, meet deadlines, lower operating cost, and improve customer service.

·Created revenue generating courier service, which resulted in sales of $40K monthly.

·Created and implemented driver safety program resulting in removal from high risk category.

·Structured a training program to create different growth levels within the department and assist as part of the safety program average length of employment increased from 1 year to 4 years.

·Composed a courier manual to standardize policies and procedures, appearance, and driver conduct. Incorporated as part of the trainer’s responsibility to assure that all couriers were following the manual and dress code. Professional, customer oriented staff.

·Designed dispatch computer program to assist dispatchers meet their goals and track all pick ups and deliveries resulting in 99% on time deliveries.