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Co-founder of Airlab. Startup CEO with artistic background specializing in managing people, projects and processes. Gets things done.

Work experience

Jan 2014Present


At Airlab we build beautiful modern web apps in Meteor. We use top of the line SaaS tools to stay in touch with our users and we are always executing on new great ideas. PRODUCTS,, Albert the pig, Scale VC, Dashboard for Tajitsu

MILESTONES Launched 5 web products during our first year: 2 web apps, 1 micro store for co-working spaces, 1 predictive analytics dashboard, 1 self-updating domain name inventory.

FIELDS Tech, Lean Startup, Customer Development, Falsifying and Validating, Market fit, Content marketing, Meteor, Customer interview, Customer On boarding and Support

ROLES Lead day-to-day operations, Strategic planning, Budgeting, Finances, Marketing channels, Content marketing, Direct sales, Chief of Customer Happiness  

Theater of Region West, RTV

Aug 2009Dec 2012

Artistic Director

MILESTONES 3 awards, 2 highlighting our work with gender equality on stage (Region Västra Götaland Equality Award and City of Uddevalla JobbaJämt) and 1 international award, Prix d'Assitej. Participation in international festivals @Northern Stage and @TRUCE, Newcastle GB, @Assitej Oslo, Norway and @NB Festival Tallin, Estonia @Pride Stockholm, Sweden and @BIBU Lund, Sweden. National partnerships with University of Gothenburg, Stockholm City Theatre, Lund University.

FIELDS Performing arts, Event, Leadership, Collaborative creations, Gender equality, Recruiting, HR, Developing teams, Cross-functional team leading, Project management   

ROLES Team leader of all artistic personnel, Recruiter, Management team, Facilitator team meetings, Staff appraisals, Set artistic goals and develop strategies for breaking new ground, audience and artists Advocate in board meetings and meetings with policy makers, Recruiter, Lead generator and relation-builder, PR and Media strategies, back up CEO regarding organizational strategies, Speaker at external events, Stage director, Actor

Theater of Region West, RTV

Jan 2007Dec 2011

Stage Director 

"Nobelpristagaren", "Min kropp och jag" ,"Between"  
Co-Director "From Scratch", "Fetto", "Bruce/Brenda"David", "Speleologerna”, "Världen väntar"

FIELDS Performing arts, Project management, Stage, Production coordination

ROLES Stage director, Leader cross-functional teams, Facilitating meetings, Strategic planning Time Management, Being the heart and soul of the productions 


Jan 2008Dec 2010

Project Manager and Actor

A cutting-edge project where artistic professionals collaborated with students, teachers and participant groups to produce essential performing arts focusing on gender and LGBTQ issues for a young audience.

MILESTONES 7 stage productions, 3 national collaborations, 1 Printed Publication, national attention for new ways to collaborate with participant groups. Motivator talks at trade shows (@Bok och Bibliotek, @Idédagarna @Kvalitetsmässan) and leadership events (@Chefs Dagen)

FIELDS Performing arts, Project management, Events, Acting, Improvisation, PR, Writing (blog, articles, manuscript and reports) Method development, High school, Education   

ROLES Actor, Writer, Project manager, Organizer and Stage director 

Swedish national TV, Amphi Productions, Auto Images  

Jan 2003Apr 2010

Actor Film and TV 

One love (Blott du mig älskar), Doxa, Stand alone (Ensam är stark) Home (Komma hem) 

The Art of Coping (Orka! Orka!) Custody (Häktet) The gynecologist (Gynekologen i Askim) 

FIELDS Entertainment, Film, Television, Improvisation 

ROLES Actor, Team member, Sounding board
Positive generous attitude, attention to details and being punctual is key on set and rehearsals. Prepare, Manage stress and nervousness is also crucial. 

Witsbits and Miljögiraff

Jan 2008Jan 2010

Technical Recruiter 

Recruiting of Back-end Developer to Witsbits and the first coworker for Miljögiraff. 

MILESTONES Help founders find, scan and hire Back-End developer and engineer 

FIELDS  Recruiting, Structure an recruiting process from A-Z, Validation, Tech, Team work, Startup, Time Management

ROLES Recruiter, recruiting coordinator  

Folkteatern, Angereds teater, Bohusläns Theater, RTV 

Jan 2000Dec 2009

Actor Stage

Maria "Voices from Shangri La" (on tour), Julia "A Delicate Balance" (on tour), Dagny "Hemmet" (on tour), Maria "From Scratch" (on tour), Bruce "Bruce/Brenda/David" (on tour), Cilla "The substitute" (on tour), Dolly "Simon and the Oaks" , Tekla "The, Creditors" (on tour), Laura "The Glass Menagerie", Michelle "Festen", Natasha "Three Sisters", Mother "The Clinic", Lycke "Kvadd" 

FIELDS Acting, Team work, Performing arts

ROLES Actor, Member of artistic team, PR events, Host audience 


University of Gothenburg

Jan 2005Dec 2006

Work and Organizational Psychology 

Recruiting and differential psychology
Improving employee experience and retention, increasing productivity, impact of reorganization.
Management styles, role expectations and social norms

Lund University 

Aug 1998Jun 2002

BA Acting 

Acting, Stage Production, Motion, Acrobatics, Voice speech and text, Songs and music, Theory
Film production, Filming, Organizing audience activities and events

Frans Schartau Business Institute

Aug 1993Dec 1994

Economics, Accounting 

Accounting, Marketing, International economic history, Administration, Business English


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Sense of urgency

Customer service

Performing arts 



Project managment 


Team work

Learning organizations