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I'm mostly wanting to go to a community college, then to a four-year university, and then after that dental school to be a dental hygienist. 


High School Student

Davenport North High School

Currently in grade 11 (junior).

Work History

Aug 2015Present


Machine Shed

I seat people, which would include working with the public.


I always babysit someone's kids, whether it's a family friend's, a coworker's, or a neighbor's. I'm always welcomed to babysit someone.

Community Service and Activities

I am in a Culinary Arts Club which helps raise money for the homeless are main organization we are working with is Timothy's House of Hope. Almost every Thursday we have homeless dinner, we serve them food, it's pretty much a full meal, that we make in our school's cooking room.


Problem Solving

When something goes wrong, I always find a way to make it right again.


I'm really good at working with people, I'm friendly, outgoing, and people just like me.