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Pablo is a software architect at Tellago Inc and an internationally reconigzed expert with over 10 years of experience in arquitecting and implementing large distributed systems with Microsoft Technnologies.He has spent the past few years working directly with the Microsoft Patterns & Practices team on sample applications, patterns and guidance for building service-oriented applications with Web Services, Web Services Enhacements (WSE) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). The biggest contributions with this team were the Web Services Security patterns, and the implementation of a Secure Token Service quickstart for WSE 3.0 and WCF. He now focuses on technologies that enable developers to build large scale systems such as WCF, WF, Dublin, OSLO and Windows Azure.The community knows Pablo mainly for his weblog and active participation in conferences and forums.

Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Senior Software Architect

  • Provided clients with architecture specifications including use-cases, UML component diagrams, UML sequence and state diagrams, flow documents, and design specifications.
  • Served as technical lead for projects and development teams. Provided training and mentoring for developers in multiple technologies.
  • Architected, designed, and development of .NET based products in Microsoft C#. Products include Web systems, Windows applications, and Windows and Web/WCF services.
  • Architected core framework components for use in multiple .NET applications


  •  JM Family Enteprises, Inc – Fleet Modernization Project: As part of this project, Pablo was involved in the design and development of the different .NET applications and components completely written in C# that were required to enhance the existing fleet system to automate manual tasks, streamline current system processes, and support future sales growth. 
  • JM Family Enterprises, Inc – Security framework for Services: Implemented a security framework based on a federated security model for being used for existing web applications and web services in the company. The framework was developed in C# using WCF services and Windows Identity Foundation.
  • Microsoft – Apache Stonehenge Project: Stonehenge is a set of example applications for Service Oriented Architecture that spans languages and platforms and demonstrates best practices and interoperability. The aim of the Stonehenge project is to develop a set of sample applications to demonstrate seamless interoperability across multiple underlying platform technologies by using currently defined W3C and OASIS standard protocols. Pablo was involved as the main developer for the Microsoft sample applications and services. Most of the sample applications were written with ASP.NET and C# and the services using WCF. 
  • Tellago Studios – SO-Aware: SO-Aware is one of the products recently released for the company that provides a flexible and innovative design to enable the management, configuration and testing of web services in the enterprise. The product was mainly developed by Pablo using Microsoft technologies like WCF, ASP.NET MVC and Windows Presentation Foundation.
Jun 2007May 2009

Software Architect

Clarius Consulting


  • Analysis, design and programming of software solutions using C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET and Microsoft .NET.
  • Assisting in the preparation of proposals and quotes according to client requirements.
  • Involvement in all stages of development process - high-level design, implementation, testing, deployment and support of products adhering to company SDLC.
  • Assisting other team members and supervising their work (code review, etc.)


  • Microsoft MSN - Bedrock Platform: Bedrock is the content management platform used by the MSN team to publish and manage content in the web site. All the applications that make up this platform were initially developed with Microsoft .NET. I worked directly with the development team to improve significant portions of this platform. This improvement included the implementation of new WCF services and better logging and exception management support to help in the premature detection of new problems.
  • SSE Implementation for Microsoft Live: this project involved the implementation in C# of an XML micro-format called Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE). SSE also includes a corresponding synchronization algorithm that can be embedded in RSS or Atom feeds to allow for two-way synchronization among different sources of information, such as a database, an Excel worksheet or a feed available on the internet.
  • Mesh4X Open Source Project: I currently involved as one the developers in Mesh4x, an evolution of the FeedSync project previously created for the Microsoft Live team. The aim of this project is to provide libraries, tools and applications for allowing data synchronization and collaboration between applications. It is based on open standards like FeedSync, and initially some adapters for Access, SQL Server or KML (The specification used by Google Maps) were provided to synchronize those data sources.
  • GeoChat: Also currently involved as developer in this open source project that can be considered as a SMS over Internet solution for receiving and responding to SMS with a map as the main interaction tool.
May 2006Feb 2007

Software Consultant


  • Development of a new business application to manage disbursement requests (DRS). This application was developed with ASP.NET 2.0, C# and Oracle 10g.
  • Analyzing business requirements
  • Advising the development team on best practices regarding the use of .NET technologies, security, and related issues pertaining to the development of the DRS.
Sep 2003May 2006

Software Consultant

Lagash Systems


  • Design, planning and architecture of complex and distributed enterprise applications, including implementation and post-implementation.
  • Development of software solutions and highly specific software components using C#, Visual Basic, .NET, and other Microsoft technologies.
  • Code-Review of existing applications to determine areas of improvement, evaluation, and implementation of possible solutions.
  • Speaking at several industry conferences related to software development and Microsoft technologies.
  • Review of vendor proposals for bids on software solutions.
  • Supervising other team members.  Responsible for employee professional development, including training and mentoring.


  • Microsoft Pattern & Practices Application Blocks: Application Blocks are reusable source-code components generally available in C# or Visual Basic .NET that provide proven solutions to common development challenges. They address specific, recurring problem domains such as data access, logging, user interface process and composite user interfaces. I was actively involved as developer in the following application blocks: User Interface, Configuration Management, Data Access, Exception Management and Application Updater.
  • Microsoft Business Integrator (MBI): MBI was a software framework completely written in C# in order to simplify the development of business and service oriented applications in the .NET platform. This product was awarded as Best Application by Microsoft in the year 2004 due to its extensive use in Latin America. I was a key member in the team that developed and designed the core components included with this product
  • Microsoft SAML Quickstart: An implementation of the SAML specification for Microsoft WSE 3.0 (Web Services Enhancements).  SAML, or "Security Assertions Markup Language", is a vendor-neutral framework for exchanging security-related information called "assertions" in web services scenarios
  • Microsoft Patterns & Practices - Web Services Security Guide : A collection of patterns, good practices and quickstarts to build reliable and secure web services. This version of the guide was based on Microsoft WSE 3.0. I was responsible to write all the ASP.NET quick starts included with this guide.
  • WSI Reference Application: The sample application developed in .NET with ASP.NET and WSE 3.0 that demonstrated how to build secure and interoperable web services based on the WS-I group's basic and security profiles.
Dec 1999Sep 2003

Senior Software Developer

Iceberg Solutions


  • Web site back-end and front-end programming for a number of high-profile clients using SQL, ASP, COM+, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Database design and implementation (SQL Server)
  • Software development using C#, .NET and SQL Server
  • Troubleshooting and bug fixing


  • Hipotecario Bank: development of a web application to manage the internal bank projects.
  • Roche: development of a web application to manage and control the sales generated by the company. The application provided several reports based on data obtained from a central Data Warehouse.
  • Dineronet website: development of some ASP pages published on the website.
  • La B2B website: development of ASP pages and COM+ components containing the business logic of the application.
  • Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro Bank - Pago Universal: development of a payment gateway for e-commerce applications similar to PayPal. It was developed as a three tier application, using ASP, Visual Basic and SQL Server 2000.
  • Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro Bank - E-Banking platform: Development of the company's E-Banking platform using ASP.Net and C#



.NET Framework
SQL Server


Apr 2006Present

MVP - Connected Systems