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A career oriented, consultative position focused on Strategic Business entry into Emerging Markets, or the detailed analysis and assessment of Aerospace and Defense related markets, especially in Latin America and the MENA region that will leverage my analysis and business backgrounds.


Strong skills in financial models, risk modeling and valuation, derivatives and hedging strategies especially in the Aerospace and Defense area, high technology systems and Energy market spaces.

A strong background in the analysis of political systems and institutions and their impact on various business endeavors and markets, with over a decade of experience in analyzing data and reaching both local and long-range conclusions accurately and in a timely manner, using cultural and linguistic awareness as well as carefully developed analytical skills. Professional level competence in German Advanced proficiency in Spanish Working proficiency in Portuguese Written and Reading proficiency in Arabic and Hebrew

Work experience

Oct 2008Present


Independent M&A and Business Researcher

Research on Market Entry Strategies, Competitive Intelligence on key market segments and policy analysis of respective governments and key power players in the Aerospace and Defense spaces and Energy Sectors for Emerging Markets, especially in the MENA region and Latin America.

Detailed experience in M&A due dilligence, competitive research, risk modeling and financials models and calculating foreign exchange rate scenarios.

Sep 2007Oct 2008

Intern and Member of Analyst Training Program

Lehman Brothers

As an intern and then member of the Analyst training program slated for the Global M&A and Research teams, focused on strategy, especially in the Emerging Markets and the Aerospace sectors, honing analysis skills in reviewing and assessing financials, market conditions and strategic risks, especially in emerging markets. Further tasked with reviewing and assessing the validity of externally derived assessment and analyst data.

Detailed work with M&A due dilligence, detailed research on companies, Risk and Financial Modeling.

Sep 2004Aug 2006

Research Analyst

Hedge Fund

Conduct research on market segments, including Energy and Aerospace and Defense, analyzing corporate releases, financial information, government policy, socially engineered data and overall market trends to develop investment postures and outlooks for the Investment Managers and Investment team. Detailed analysis of financial and economic forecasts, models and spreadsheets.

Experience with trading systems, risk models, financial modeling, detailed research and analysis of corporate pending and upcoming products or services in the assigned sectors, including pending patents, deals, negotiations or government policy positions.

Sep 1998Jul 2004


US Government
Assess and fuse multiple information streams into a usable product for tactical and strategic consumers by developing and cultivating key sources of information within selected communities, such as academia, government or private sector entities.
Aug 1988Aug 1998

Human Intelligence Exploitation Team Leader

US Army
Using advanced language, psychology and human development skills, assess and identify sources of information and categorize their respective credibility. Debrief and translate key statements and conversations and written documents. Additionally, in depth studies of international relations, political dynamics and multi-source data fusion were conducted throughout.




New York University

International Relations and Political Economy

MA Awarded with distinction



Awarded "with Distinction"

Specializing in Strategy, especially entry vectors into Emerging Markets in Latin America and the MENA Region.

In addition to the core management curriculum, significant coursework was taken in such areas as:

Decision Models

Data Mining for Business Intelligence

Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis

Competitive Strategy in the Marketplace

Game Theory and Business Strategy

Multinational Business Management


Research and Analysis
Able to rapidly assimilate large amounts of data and create useful, insightful reports for tactical and strategic purposes aimed at key business or stated objectives. Comfortable with research databases, individual interviews and assessments of 3rd party data.
Financial Analysis
Advanced abiilities to assess, analyze and model financial statements and data as well as interpret key economic data. Utilize and create spreadsheets, models and graphs as well as create detailed analyst notes
Solid reading and written proficiency in Arabic as developed through University study and regional residence.
Able to simultaneously translate, read, write and speak at a professional level of competence as determined by ACTFL testing.