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Work experience

Apr 2007Present

Manager of Public Relations

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company- d.b.a. Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom
Apr 1999Dec 2007

Project Manager

1999Jul 2007

Independant End User Technology Consultant

Oct 2002Apr 2006

Digital Imaging Supervisor

Best Buy
Sep 2004Mar 2005

Advertising Designer

Black Scorpion Media - Pulse Weekly
Feb 2003May 2003


GF Management - Valley Forge Scanticon / Radisson Hotel and Convention Complex


Jun 1998May 2003

Bachelor of Science

Minor completed in Mass Media and Communications Technologies with tracks of study in Graphic Arts and Design, Digital Photography, and Internet and New Media.


Professional Communicator for several companies including various roles such as B2C and B2B sales person, Public Relations Manager, Account Executive, and Project Manager. My experience includes launching social media campaigns, crisis communications planning, internal and external communications, copy writing, conflict resolution, interactive marketing campaign management, campaign monitoring and measurement and more. From my current role my short term goal is to either advance internally through our marketing division or step into a "Director" level position with another organization. On the long term I desire to succeed in offering freelance consultancy services in my areas of expertise in the fields of Internet and new media technologies. More specifically the implementation of cloud computing concepts in management and communications such as collaborative CRM and social networking tools.


Some define success as financial wealth or ability to sustain ones desired lifestyle and provide for their family, and while I agree, I must add to the definition that personal success is achieved when one gets to spend their days doing what ever it is they love to do. Only then is there a true quality of life. Therefore it only makes sense that my interests are congruent with and supportive of my career goals. I maintain what I believe to be a healthy interest in technology, communication and collaboration tools, new media and social networking. Some who know me well may joke that my time on twitter and reading tech blogs and following other industry experts is more of an addiction that requires a twelve step program, I argue that I simply love to learn and be an early adopter of the newest technologies and trends. 

Other interests include sports, fitness, photography, travel, nature and the outdoors, and politics.


At twenty-nine years and climbing I seek to continue learning and working in the fields that I am passionate about: technology, social and new media, communication and collaboration, business management, et. al. I seek to move to a professional environment that embraces creativity, open-mindedness, continued education and constant change. As I search for the best place for my skills to be applied, I think of starting my family and the financial support needed to secure their futures.


Computer Troubleshooting and Repair
For the past 10+ years I have maintained a steady IT side business driven by a base of loyal local small business and residential clients. Larger jobs include full installations and range from installing traditional and IP telephone systems, to running full 50 terminal networks. I worked alone only with the occasional hired hand to run all my own cables and terminate every jack with meticulous inspection.  Small jobs could be as simple as providing personal one-on-one software application training, computer troubleshooting and support. I enjoy being the go-to-guy for quick technology questions and help. I stay up-to-date on all the latest trends and technologies and live a very "wired" life. This is one way I get to share my passion for technology and the self taught knowledge and skills that I have developed over the years.
Home Improvement
Admittedly off topic of my professional life, but still one of my most valued skills. As a "do-it-yourselfer" and home owner, I can never over estimate the value of the knowledge and skills I have gained over they years in the work of home improvement, repair, maintenance, and construction. I'm proud to say I have safely and confidently completed small jobs in electrical, plumbing, framing and finishing.
Communication and Collaboration Consulting
A firm believer that effective and efficient communication must be at the soul of any organization. I have spent a great deal of time over the past 6 years testing collaboration and communication tools, systems, and platforms. If the tool is available, I have likely tried and thoroughly tested it, I may have even been a beta tester that aided in the development. Through the successful implementation of several cloud computing solutions such as CRM, database, document management and social network solutions for a variety of B2C and B2B employers, I have honed my ability to quickly and accurately identify and qualify an organizations needs and match them with the available communication tools and systems that will generate results for both internal and external clients.


Jason Pijut

Jason is a long time friend, colleague and former employer. We frequently serve as each other sounding boards for new projects and ideas. I served as Jason's Account and Project Manager for a few years while at NURD Inc., his website and interactive media development firm.