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Experienced full-stack mobile game programmer

Work experience

Oct 2015Present

Lead Programming Engineer

gloops Vietnam Co.,Ltd.

Sep 2013Oct 2015

Lead Programming Engineer

Joining Gloops Vietnam is a new adventure for me, as there were new challenges to overcome and new things to learn. Although equipped with strong experience earned during my service in Gameloft, I still had to solve a lot of problems in order to help the studio with the high-quality game development.

My achievements during the service here:

  • Create innovative tools for games production (like Level Editor, Resources Downloader, UI Components, Anti-hack, etc.).
  • Develop foundation for 2.5-D game Gururin Quest (a game like Fez, but it is a Social Action RPG game instead of a Puzzle game).
  • Develop AI and Path-finding for an innovative strategy game.
  • Design database structure and server API for a Social Real-Time-Strategy game.
  • Develop network synchronization for a Real-Time Multiplayer game.
  • Lead a team to develop a MOBA game on both client and server sides.


Nov 2011Aug 2013

Studio Programmer Department Head

As a Head of Department, my responsibility is very high. Besides technical involvement, I also had to manage and direct more than 100 programmers, while catering the needs of project managers and Studio Managers. I improved not only more technical expertise due to more people coming to me for support, but I also learned more management skills.

My notable achievements during this time:

  • Human resource management, including recruitment from social connections. During this time, I was required to have as many social connections as possible in order to have a pool of good programmers for the company to hire in case of somebody leaving.
  • Technical and management training for team leads. I had to pass on my technical knowledge both in personal training and documentation to maintain technical stability without my intervention.
  • Creation of 3D AAA quality games. With core production line working flawlessly and earning good income for the company, new ambition of creating our own AAA quality games arose and required me to work as one of the spear-heads.

My notable projects during this time:

  • Remake of Star Front from iOS to Mac OSX.
  • Creation of 3D AAA game Tank Battle for iOS and Android.
  • Creation of a new 3D AAA game Catch That Dragon! for iOS and Android.


Oct 2008Nov 2011

Lead Programmer of HD+ division

HD+ division in Gameloft is working on latest devices and mobile platforms that are still in development and prototype state. During this difficult time, high-end smart phones are still immature, poor performance and buggy. I had to struggle with performance, memory optimization, and even a little hacking to have big games running well on such weak devices.

My notable achievements during this time:

  • Lead and coach a spear-head team that takes the most difficult challenges for the local studio, and pass on the knowledge for developing new production lines. Notable team members would become leaders of future programming teams.
  • Utilizing software rendering to remake games with OpenGL graphics for devices without GPU. Notable games: Brain Challenge, Asphalt 4, Real Football 2010, Diamond Twister.
  • Create a clear process to port games from iPhone/iPad to other platforms at the time: Symbian S60, Windows Mobile, Maemo, Bada, Palm OS.
  • Started a working process for massively porting games from iOS to Android, which is the core production line of Gameloft Vietnam.

My notable projects during this time:

  • Remake Asphalt 3 J2ME version on Android G1. Great challenge was to re-implement M3G on Android OpenGL ES 1.1.
  • Remake some iPhone games (depend on OpenGL GPU) to work on several Windows Mobile and Symbian smart phones without OpenGL GPU. Most notably project was remaking of Asphalt 4.
  • Massively port iPhone games to various platforms including experimental ones.

Gururin Quest

This is the first game project I worked for Gloops Vietnam, using Unity 3D. The game is a 2.5D action RPG with special plane-shifting gimmick similar to famous Fez. I mainly developed the physics engine for collision and plane-shifting feature. The game is only available in Japanese market.

AR Magical Battle

During my leisure time, I created an exciting game where you battles demons that appear on a printed Augmented Reality picture. The game engine was developed by me in C++ from scratch. To enjoy the virtual reality feature, you must have mobile device with camera running on Android. You can download the apk here to install:

Conjuror - Dark Frontier

During my leisure time, I created a game for J2ME phones that simulates battles with many autonomous agents. The game engine was developed by me in Java ME from scratch. Although J2ME devices are limited in power, the game still delivers good performance with many characters doing path-finding and combat. The game requires S40 Nokia device to be downloaded at:

Space War

During my leisure time, I created a game for J2ME phones that simulates space battles with many autonomous agents. The game features advanced techniques for hit detection that are so fast that the game can run on very limited devices like Nokia C3 with hundreds of space-marines and battle-ships. The game requires S40 Nokia device to be downloaded at:


UNITEC Institute of Technology





Back-end engineering

I am familiar with some popular server-side programming technologies: Java EE, php, NodeJS, Erlang. Developing back-end services for games like Travian, Clash of Clans is not too far from my ability.

Game Programming

Not only for mobile, I know what should be done to develop games for PC and consoles. I can invent methods to overcome game design challenges instead of relying on works of other people. One of my greatest problems to solve was to do real-time path-finding for hundreds of autonomous agents in a Real-Time Strategy game.

Mobile Games
Greatest challenge of mobile games development is the platform fragmentation. My experience was to deal with device specific bugs and how to live with the dilemma "write-once-debug-on-many".
Game Engines

I had good experience with using Irrlicht, Ogre 3D, Cocos2Dx, GameClosure, PixiJS, Unity3D, Chipmunks, Box2D for serious games development.


My experience is enough for me to write advanced native plug-ins and tools for this wonderful game engine. Also by using native codes instead of scripts in Unity3D, I could greatly enhance games performance.

My knowledge is enough to create good real-time games in both LAN and Online environment.
OpenGL is the graphics library of choice for popular mobile platforms (except Windows Phone). My knowledge in OpenGL is proficient enough to create high quality products.
My mobile game programming experience dated back to the day J2ME powered devices reigned the world.
Most of my experience with shaders was to optimize for performance. However, I had enough knowledge to create some advanced shaders for visual pleasure.
Game Development
I have played many games from simple casual games to hard-core strategy games. I have enough experience to know what it would take to develop a high quality game that would work well in the market.
Art tools

Besides being a programmer, I have a good taste for some arts. I can handle art tools like 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, GIMP so that I am not too relying on artists for simple jobs.

Game Design
I love to design games. And with advantage of being technical, I know how to help game specifications make sense.


Jan 2013Jan 2013

Scrum Certificate

I earned this certificate after attending a scrum course that was required by Gameloft.


Fabien Lotz/Developer Relations Manager in Microsoft Vietnam

Fabien was my direct project manager in Gameloft, and we had good working cooperation. After his leave for new position in Nokia (now Microsoft), we still keep in touch. During his initial time in Nokia Vietnam, I helped him with several application and game projects until he gathered enough connections for outsourcing. His mobile phone number in Vietnam is 091 248 21 11.

Phong Cao Thai/Program Manager in Microsoft Vietnam

Phong was my predecessor as the Head of Programmers Department in Gameloft. I was trusted as his successor by himself and the Studio Manager at the time he left. His mobile phone number in Vietnam is 090 848 66 78.