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 I enjoy learning new skills, techniques, and processes and then learning the most efficient way of carrying out those tasks. I have a passion for creating and strong need to advance with new ideas.

Work experience

Apr 2013Jul 2014

Press Operator

Marking Systems Inc.

Press Operator

・Creating the specified print material

・maintaining the printing equipment

・calibrating printers 

・Keeping a controlled inventory that is readily stocked, while maintaining exact material usage after ever job on  E4 system. 

・Using large scale digital printing equipment and software programs to effectively create materials per client request.

・In fulfilling these requests, handling many changing variables in the printing press set-up, such as dimension, color or contrast while creating a printing logistics schedules to reflect these various deadlines.

・Running four large scale printers simultaneously, including a 48" UV Roland, two 60" eco solvent printers and an HP flat bed printer. 

・Creative trouble shooting. (such as ways to reduce static created by the material being fed into a flat bed printer)

Production Artist

・Using specialized computer software to upload and ensure the accuracy of design files in the later stages of development.

・Converting files from customers engineer AutoCad files to Ai files for print production.

・Using hot keys consistently to eliminate wasted time.

Office Helper

・Updating previous work orders to suit new orders placed

・Printing and attaching all paper work, art files, cut files, control documents to files in E4 software system. 

May 2011Jan 2013

Graphic Designer


Graphic Design

・Working directly with clients, individuals and large name companies alike, utilizing their ideas, sketches and notes to effectively create designs that capture the interest of their target audience,

・Creating from concept to completion signs, plaques, awards, banners, museum displays, car show displays, advertising inserts, logos, business cards, t-shirts, car wraps, name tags and company signs.

・Using an array of machinery and techniques such as CNC router/engraver, sublimation, vinyl cutting, heat presses, flat cutters.


・Prepping product for production photos

・lighting, color corrections, photo manipulations, custom cropping photos for website, web banners, blogs, magazine and other promotional items.

・Shooting photos for mock graphical layovers for preplanning.  

Sep 2010Apr 2011

Marketing Assistant

S.S. Choice

Graphic Design

・Production and editing of effective eye catching designs, graphics, fliers, stickers, website icons, images, business cards, posters, promotional displays, product packaging, instructional inserts, logos, banners and videos for the companies.

・Creative problem solving through design to make changes to product with cost effectiveness in mind. 

Video Editing

・Organizing and merging raw footage into a continuous whole according to scripts

・review assembled takes on-screen to determine if corrections are necessary

・Edit footage to insert music, dialogue, and sound effects, too arrange into sequences, and to correct errors using editing equipment.

・Determine the specific audio and visual effects necessary to produce the final product.

Production Filming

・Shooting cut shot sequences to different angles at specific points in scenes, making each individual cut as fluid and seamless as possible.

・Studying scripts to become familiar with production concepts and requirements.

・Selecting and combining the most effective shots of each scene in order to form a logical and smoothly running story.

・Setting up and operating computer editing systems, electronic titling systems, video switching equipment, and digital video effects units in order to produce a final product.

・Recording needed sounds, or obtain them from sound effects libraries.

・Supervising and coordinating activities of workers engaged in film editing, assembling, and recording activities.


・Creating informative and educational information for the viewers.

・Writing in accordance to the vision and instruction of its producers, relaying only detailed information and facts.


・Developing storyboards, directing actors, managing technical details, such as camera shots and the use of lighting. 

・Making decisions about the scene and design, liaising with the producer at certain stages, managing the work of the other production staff and delegating tasks accordingly.

・Setting up and controlling lighting equipment for filming, conferring with producer and studying script to determine lighting effects required.

Assistant Webmaster

・Help design, structure, organization and administration of web sites.

・Integrated multimedia and alternative web technologies such as, but not limited to, Macromedia Flash and streaming technologies, into interactive, effective web pages and multimedia marketing.

Sep 2009Jan 2010

Machine Operator

Embroide Me

Machine Operator

・Operate automatic embroidery machines with multiple sewing heads to embroider name, initial, or decorative designs on garments, household articles, material, or uniforms and to stitch cording, or emblems on material or garments.

・Reading work orders to determine type and location of embroidery

・observing sewing operation to detect defects in stitching that indicate machine malfunction

・customer service, receiving orders, taking messages for management.

Feb 2009Sep 2009


Joe's Crab Shack


・Creating positive atmosphere for guests, performing  dance routines,

・Handling guests complaints ensuring their experience is a positive one.

・Coordinating guest seating.

・Inspection of dining room serving stations for neatness and cleanliness.

・Making deposits to the bank.

・Maintaining knowledge of current sales and promotions.

・ Handling exchanges,

・ Tanking inventory stock and requisitioning new stock.

Aug 2008Dec 2008

Graphic Designer

Martin Company

Graphic Designer

・Using laser Engraver to print patterns, designs, etchings, trademarks, or lettering onto flat or curved surfaces of a wide variety of metal, glass, plastic, or paper items

 ・Examine sketches, diagrams, samples, or photographs to decide how designs are to be engraved

・Measure and compute dimensions of lettering, designs, or patterns to be engraved.

・Taking orders and graphical changes from clients and helping with customer service.

Sep 2007Aug 2008

Front Desk

Lake View Conference Center

Front Desk

・Management of front office operations such as greeting and receiving guests, confirming the details of their stay.

・answering a multiline phone system and directing guests, as well as staff.

・Responding to complaints, service issues and other general questions or concerns.

・Handled filing, mail distribution and creation of promotional images for marketing.

Dec 2006Sep 2007

Marketing Assistant

Design Works

Marketing Assistant

・Customer service.

・Implementing marketing strategies.

・technology support.

・multi-tasking on deadlines.

・Developing creative ways to promote upcoming events.

・creating publications such as advertisements, websites, logos, fliers, posters, lawn signs and graphics used in commercials and local news paper ads.

Dec 2005Feb 2006

Graphic Designer

Cedar Valley College

Graphic Designer

Working with team to produce logo for school vision statement used on banners, letter heads, key chains and through out campus.

Apr 2005Aug 2005

Screen Printer

Ricks World of Sports

Screen Printer

・Setting up presses.

・mixing and modifying inks.

・handling materials.

・cleaning screens

・counting and logging in received goods.

・quality controlling finish product. 


Aug 2004Sep 2006

Cedar Valley College

Lancaster, United States Aug 2004 - Sep 2006

Communication Design



corel draw
Adobe Flash
Adobe Premier

3 years editing video and implementing special effects using green screen for commercials product instructions.

Adobe Illustrator

10 years experience using the program to produce vector art for production or creative purposes.

Adobe Photoshop

10 years experience using program to photo manipulations and color corrections.


Patti Smith



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Kyle Newton


S.S. Choice


Matt Cox


Joe's Crab Shack

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Mary Finley

Director of the Fine Art Series

University of North Texas

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Bill Crawford


Cedar Valley College