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I entered the Medical Profession as a Volunteer "Cadet" on My Local Rescue Squad at the age of 15. I retired 14 years later after service on 3 rescue squads. During My service to my community, I competed in Rescue and First Aide contests at the local, state, and even the International Level. My professional carrer started at the age of 18 as an "Oxygen Therapist". I'm still practicing in that field today, some 35+ years later. Along the way, I've worked in EKG, Echocardiology, Stress Testing, Holter monitoring, EEG, Vascular Lab, EMG, Urodynamics, Pulmonary Diagnostics, and Respiratory Therapy. I've managed in the capacity as staff Therapist all the way up through Department Director. In all, I've got 24 Years of Managagement experience, Guess You could say that I'm comfortable working at any level, from the street to the executive office.

Work experience

Respiratory Therapist

Maxim Staffing Solutions

I provide staffing relief for Hospital Respiratory Therapy Departments. Currently, I am working at the Depaul Medical Center, and the Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital. Both are located in Norfolk, Virginia. Depaul Medical Center is a 200 bed community hospital. My duties include Respiratory Care from the ER to all Med.Surg. floors, and ICU.

   The Lake Taylor facility is a transitional care facility.It Provides interim care for patients requiring additional therapy, or long term weaning from Ventilators.

Jun 2007Jan 2008

E.R. Respiratory Therapist

The Childrens Hospital Of The Kings Daughters

  Provide Respiratory Care to patients age Neonate to age 21 Yrs. Basically The position called for performing Resuscitation to setting up Ventilators, to ABG's, and Aerosol Therapy treatments. 

Jul 2006Jun 2007

Respiratory Therapist

Shore Memorial Hospital

  Shore Memorial is a small Community Hospital on Virginia's "Eastern Shore". It is the only  Hospital on Virginia's peninsula. Every type of illness or injury has to be stabilized and either admitted to the facility, or prepared for transport. The next closest Hospital is over 40 miles away. Basically, The Respiratory Therapist at this facility performs  routine functions of ER, ICU, Floor care,and Peds, while always being ready for the "unusual" in the  ER. 

May 2001Jun 2006

Respiratory Therapist

Childrens Specialized Hospital

  I reported to the Director of Clinical Services. My responsibilites included general floor care ( Tx.etc),setting up and maintaining Infant, Child, and adolescent Ventilators. The primary goal is to wean patients off of the Vents. Extensive knowledge of BIRD and LTV ventilators and performed point of care capillary blood gases, glucose and electrolyte studies. Experienced in long term care of children and all phases of CPT. Received 7 employee of the month awards, and a employee of the quarter award (Press Gainey).

Mar 2000May 2001

Respiratory Therapist

American Home Patient

  Performed Routine Home Care in the Flemington, New Jersey area.

May 1998Mar 2000

Pulm. Diagnostics Technologist

Hunterdon Medical Center

Performed Pulmonary Function Tests, Lung Volumes, and DLCO studies, ABG's, Pulmonary and Cardiac stress tests, Metabolic studies and EEG's. Performed in the Capacity as a Respiratory Therapist during down time.

Mar 1995Mar 1998

Respiratory Therapist

Lyons VA Medical Center

  Responsible for routine respiratory floor care (Tx. etc), Arterial Punctures and Blood Gas analysis. This facility had an ER, Respiratory ICU, CCU, Medical ICU, and a Step-Down Respiratory Care floor. Trained on the Facilities Pulmonary Function Equipment and performed emergency Intubations.

Mar 1992Mar 1995

Respiratory Therapist

  Administered Routine Respiratory Therapy floor care. This Medical Center had a large ER, an ICU, CCU, Surgical ICU, which were part of My daily assignment. Set-up and maintained Infant Vents in a small Neonatal ICU. Received an Infection Control Award.   

Mar 1991Mar 1992

Respiratory Therapist

JFK Memorial Hospitals

  This facility is part of a 3 Hospital System. A small 180 bed hospital, JFK is Cherry Hills Community Hospital. I provided Respiratory Care. This facility has a very busy ER as it was the back-up for the Larger County Hospital in Camden, NJ. I received an "outstanding Attendance award and $50.00 Bond.

Aug 1989Mar 1991

Vascular Lab Coordinator

Greenville Memorial Hospital

  I was hired to bring The organizations Vascular Lab up to JCAHO standards which was achieved. A working Supervisor, I also performed Vascular Studies. 

Jul 1968Aug 1989

Director, Clinical Physiology

John F. Kennedy Medical Center

  Started the Hospitals Respiratory Therapy Department. Later, Grew the Department into a multi-displinary  5 Million dollar operation.

Jun 1967Jul 1968

Asst.Chief, Respiratory Therapy

  A "Working Supervisor", I assisted with staff scheduling, ordering of supplies and purchasing of equipment.

Sep 1965Jun 1967

Senior Staff Inhalation Therapist

Perth Amboy General Hospital

Upon Completion of an OJT program, I was eventually promoted to Senior Staff Therapist.


Jan 1970Jun 1971


Alphonsus College
Sep 1961Jun 1965

High School

John F. Kennedy Memorial H.S.


Cardiac Diagnostics
I received Most of my training at The JFK Medical Center, Edison, NJ. The areas of interest were Basic EKG, The Masters 2 step exercise test, Holter and treadmill stress studies.Later, In Greenville, South Carolina, I was sent to the Hewlett Packard regional facility in atlanta, GA. for formal training in Echo Cardiology. 
Pulmonary Diagnostics
  I received My inital training at the Perth Amboy General Hospital, Perth Amboy, NJ. I then did the majority of the Pulmonary Studies at JFK Medical Center, Edison, NJ., Then again at the Hunterdon Medical Center, Flemigton, NJ. 
Vascular Technology
  Received My Training at The East Orange Veterans Hospital, East Orange, NJ, Then performed Vascular Studies at JFK medical Center, Dr. J. Sarkaria, MD Hopelawn, NJ, and the Greenville Memorial Hospital System,Greenville, South Carolina 
EEG Technology
Performed EEG's At JFK Medical Center for 20Yrs.+, Also at D. Scialabba's neurosurgical Lab for 3 Yrs. Plainfield, NJ, and At Hunterdon Medical Center for 1 Yr.   


Jun 1971Present

Certified Respiratory Therapist

Jun 1998Present

Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist

Sep 1999Present

Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist

Sep 1965Present

BLS Healthare Provider

American Heart Association
Mar 2008Present


American Heart Association