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Work experience

To work and creatively grow as a professional film and video director and editor.

Skills and Activities

-Independent videography: direction and editing

          - Narrative, documentary, short film, music video and commercials.

- Above proficient skills in video and audio editing software (Final Cut Pro, Avid, Pro Tools).

- Screenwriting

- Above proficient skills in computers (Mac and PC)

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Work Experience and Production Credits

- "Magee Rehabilitation Center: Welcome Video". Production Assistant with Flatworld Media Productions.

- Kuffknotz - "Sunny Philadelphia" Music video. Production Assistant with Flatworld Media Productions.

- "Family Reunion" Commercial contest entry for Jim Beam Bourbon. Director, Editor and Producer.

-Deerfield Academy Kitchen Staff for the summer of 2007

- Child Care Services for 4 families in the summers of 2003 and 2004.

Personal Achievement

A great personal accomplishment of mine came in the spring of 2008. During that time, my friend and I produced a commercial as part of an ad contest for Jim Beam Whiskey. I co-produced, co-wrote, directed and edited the minute long commercial. This experience was particularly gratifying for a number of reasons. For one, this was one of my first projects completely independent of my academic career. Furthermore, it was also one of my first experiences with taking an idea from someone other than myself and attempting to realize that vision cinematically. Prior to this project, I had produced numerous video works; however, I had never produced a piece whose concept had been created by someone other than myself. It was immensely enjoyable collaborating on scripts, storyboards and shot lists in attempts to develop the organization of the production with a fellow artist. Another aspect of this experience which ultimately made it so rewarding was the circumstances surrounding the project's creation. We did not discuss the project until mere days before the submission deadline. However, we knew we had an excellent idea and the talent to execute the idea. We also had a major problem in that we had no equipment to work with. Yet we were able to self finance the project, secure equipment and actors, and effectively shoot and edit the project on time. It was a very rewarding experience of learning how to work with deadlines and independently produce your own work. This brings me to perhaps the most rewarding aspect of this experience which was that I was a part of every level of the production process. I was a part of the conceptualization, production and screenwriting process as well as being the sole director, cinematographer and editor of the piece. Since this project, I have gone on to produce much more professional work. However, the experience and knowledge I gained on this project were vital to my development as both a director and editor. The lessons I learned on this project made me a better artist and taught me a lot about my capabilities and character, both professionally and creatively.  

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From the time he was a young boy growing up in western Massachusetts, Chris White had always been fascinated with the moving picture. Throughout his childhood he immersed himself in the arts of film and video, in awe of their ability to evoke such emotion and thought. He always knew he wanted to be a part of this magic that had so thoroughly inspired him. It was this dream that catapulted Chris from the quiet of hills of Massachusetts to the exciting city streets of Philadelphia, where he enrolled at Temple University’s Annenberg School of Communications. While at Temple, Chris immersed himself within the study and production of numerous media arts. He studied as both a Film and Broadcast, Telecommunications and Mass Media student where he honed his skills and developed his passion for film and video editing, direction and music production. He has produced numerous works showcasing his talents in direction, editing and writing in projects for both Temple and freelance endeavors. His passion and love for the art is evident in every frame of Chris’s work. He continues to work as an editor and director while sharpening his craft and continually growing as an artist.


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