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Chris Weiss

Environment Manager at Nike

Work experience

Jan 2013Present

Environment Manager

Nike, Inc

Upheld Digital Sport's profile as leader in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes within Nike. Defined and implemented processes and tools to support the build and release of software applications, web content, and device firmware. Worked with other departments to evangelize and standardize tools and workflows we developed to improve the software delivery pipeline. Managed manual software deployments. Defined, documented, and executed deployment processes. Provided failure analysis and audit support. Worked with development teams to coordinate deployment schedules and methodologies. Provided on-call deployment services, both through personal commitment and training of offshore resources. Developed tools and workflows used to support a threefold increase in manual deployment requests over a 9-month period. Responsible for supporting test environments. Administered virtual and physical test servers. Identified and resolved software and dependency failures, including software configuration and database issues. Tracked and enforced software manifests. Defined and addressed system bottlenecks. Developed and implemented expansion plans. Supported provisioning of cross-division integrated test environments. Defined and socialized maintenance request processes. Deployed and supported test and infrastructure maintenance tools. Implemented server monitoring tools and environment validation tests. Supported internal build/test automation servers. Defined and socialized issue tracking workflows.


Director of Software

Interactive Fitness Holdings/Expresso Fitness

Managed local and remote software development teams of up to 16 resources in creating 11 major releases for kiosk, server, mobile, and web-based applications. Releases included content updates, client localization, client migration from Win32 to Linux platform, major UI updates, creation of new business management infrastructure, and integration of social networking support. Managed sustaining software and hardware efforts, including integration of new hardware components and the software changes to support them. This allowed the company to quickly adapt to a dynamic supply chain with no production interruptions and facilitated a near 200% reduction in field service calls. Transitioned infrastructure of company of 200 employees to new company of 25 employees. This included migration of software development and IT departments from 18 person staff to 2 full-time staff, physical relocation of all assets and infrastructure to new“ bare” location, and provisioning of employees on new business services. responsible for all corporate IT functions and desktop support. Responsible for physical and cloud-based services infrastructure supporting over 1m user accounts and 5, 000 active kiosks. Through ongoing updates, increased capacity and raised business server uptime by 7%.


Associate Producer

Pirate Games

Coordinated software development, art, localization, and quality assurance efforts for release of multi-platform game(PC, PS2, XBox) utilizing motion capture and image recognition technologies. Responsible for all corporate IT services, support, and training for 35 employees in both US and UK locations. This included developer tools support, such as version control, asset management, and issue tracking. Implemented automated build/test system for cross-platform (Windows/Linux/Console) product release.


Software Engineer/SCM

U.S Robotics, 3Com, Palm, PalmSource, PalmOne-San Jose, CA

Created initial SCM process, including custom automated build/publishing system(cross platform), unit tests, and source control administration across multiple locations. Developed Palm Desktop software components; including application installers and front-end applications for Win32 and Mac environments. Localized desktop and client software across 7 languages. Interfaced with third party developers and OEM resellers to define, produce and integrate add-on software for desktop and handheld devices for domestic and international markets.



Maxis/Electronic Arts

Managed in-house and external development efforts of first run product, ports, localizations, upgrades, and re-packagings including programming, Q/A, writing, art, and audio. Consistently delivered award-winning product on schedule and within budget. Drove user experience and simulator design of award winning Maxis products, collating contributions from marketing, development, and senior management. Tools/Skills


SCM Team Leader

Symyx Technologies, Elsevier MDL

Built and managed SCM/Client Installer team that grew to handle needs of over 100 software developers. Created proper SCM workflow where none had previously existed. Architecture included large-scale virtualized automated software and documentation build system(handling over 50 projects), unified issue tracker, and processes for generation of documentation and assets needed to meet a variety of regulatory requirements. Managed the merger of Symyx and MDL SCM departments across multiple international locations, including integration of multiple disparate version control systems and source code bases, merging of build systems, and training and relocation of teams. Designed and implemented modular installation tool for core product suite, allowing the company to migrate from over a dozen separate installation applications to one single code base. PirateGames-San Francisco, CA



Heald Institute of Technology


System Administrator
Deployment and maintenance of corporate HA Ruby/PHP/Java/Apache/MySQL stack including 8 application servers and 3 replicated DB instances.
Project Management
Creation and management of budgets, timelines, and resources for AAA game titles, internal IT projects, and consumer handhelds. management of internal staff and external resources. Authoring and administration of vendor contracts. Management of development, media asset, and Q/A efforts.
Software Engineer
Development and maintenance of small applications and back-end services in BASH, Perl, PHP, Ruby, and Python. Maintenance of JBoss application stack.
Software Configuration Management
Creation and implementation of SCM processes and systems. Emphasis on CI pipelines using a variety of automation suites and meeting various regulatory requirements. Deployed and maintained a variety of version control systems.
Management of localization for desktop and embedded software into eastern and western languages. Contracting external vendors and provided localization kits. Creating product language dictionaries. Integrating localization deliverables into software applications.
Cloud Computing
Contracting and working with vendor to plan and execute conversion of physical HA web/DB installation to AWS auto-scaling deployment.
Quality Assurance
Q/A lead on game releases for PC and console. Developed and administered test plans for entertainment and business applications. Wrote and maintained automated test scripts using JMeter.
UX Design
Website design for business/consumer portals. User interface design for PC and console-based games.
Corporate IT
Deployed, maintained, and relocated complete IT infrastructure for small businesses, including email, telephony, storage, version control, VPN, DR, physical networking, desktop support, facility security, wireless access, server virtualization, and mobile devices.
Deployment and management of replicated MySQL systems. Management of DB content including creation, optimization, and backup of database records.