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  • Looking to make the best use of theoretical knowledge about the latest network technologies gained from the postgraduate degree. Aiming to continue work in the IT field.
  • Hoping to continue the unique drive for excellence, success and strong commitment. Turn out to be the ideal team player people can look up to for help and sound guidance.
  • Graduated from University of Alberta, Canada in Computer Engineering and post-graduated from University of Plymouth, UK in Network Systems Engineering.
  • Highly organized self-starter with ability to manage technical aspects, build relationships, communicate solution-strategy and provide technical support in an academic environment.
  • Resourceful, creative problem-solver with proven aptitude to analyze and translate complex requirements and business problems and design/implement innovative customized solutions.
  • Ability to communicate effectively the languages of both people and technology, blending technical expertise with exceptional interpersonal skills while interacting effectively with customers, sales staff, and technical/engineering teams.

Work experience