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Christopher Zoukis, an award-winning author, has published a bold spectrum of essays, articles, book reviews, and poems. However, his most recent writing endeavor is functioning as a Staff Writer for the State & Federal Criminal Law Review. Currently housed in Petersburg Federal Correctional Complex, Christopher Zoukis also serves as the Editor for the Education Behind Bars Newsletter as well as a contributing writer at Blogcritics. His first two years in the correctional institution were a time of self-loathing and chronic depression marked by both physical and mental struggles. By 2008, however, Christopher Zoukis’ self-pity faded as he began a spiritual journey, which entailed a strict routine of daily religious study and the acceptance of Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Inspired by his spiritual transformation, Christopher Zoukis embarked on a scholarly pursuit of his newfound faith, enrolling in Global University, from which he obtained a Certified Ministrer Certificate. On the completion of his religious achievement, Zoukis then enlisted in Moody Bible Institute’s Distance Learning program, earning a certificate from the Personal Ministry and Leadership Series. While imprisoned, Christopher Zoukis also authored his first book, titled Education Behind Bars, which is scheduled for release in December 2011. To learn more about his story and to read his many personal writings, visit his website,, or his prison education advocacy website,

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