Sep 2010 - Jun 2012


Ashford University

The Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management degree prepares students for positions as business managers, human resources managers, HR generalists or specialists, and HR business analysts. In this degree program, you will learn about the ethical, legal, and social factors that shape today's workplace. Your courses cover a variety of subjects from recruitment and training to labor laws, compensation, and benefits.

Work History

Work History
Sep 2001 - Oct 2010


California Highway Patrol

Provided optimal level of safety, service, and security to CA residents. Met departmental goals of minimizing loss of life, injuries, and property damage; maximized public service and allied agencies assistance; managed traffic and emergency incidents; protected public

and State assets; improved departmental efficiency and operations. Consulted on all training efforts as Training Coordinator with department. Supported development of individual staff training plans. Served as Public Information Officer (PIO). Planned, organized, and processed all officer and supervisor overtime. Selected Contributions:

Served as Officer-in-Charge advising on arrest / accident investigations; conducting preliminary investigations of incidents; performing briefings and issuing equipment; supervising CHP involvement in various accidents and incidents; reviewing and completing reports. Acted as Vehicle Theft Investigator, overseeing investigation of organized theft ring cases and other felony investigations. Conducted Vehicle Theft Investigation course for Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. Designated as Equal Opportunity Counselor, supervising underutilization of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities, upward mobility, and procedures for investigating discrimination complaints. Attained Awards of Excellence from Moorpark Chamber of Commerce for law enforcement services to community and for auto theft.

Sep 1997 - Sep 2001


United States Marine Corps

As a Sergeant I was assigned as a supervisor for the Munitions Work Center. I supervised Ordnance personnel during munitions assembly/disassembly, transportation, packaging and storage evolutions. I became qualified and certified as an explosives handler, Quality Assurance/Safety Observer, and provided direct daily supervision for 11 Marines conducting ordnance operations with a wide variety of munitoins employed with the AV-8B aircraft. I provided training for over 70 Marines of widely varied ranks and experience levels assigned to the Ordinance Department. I supervised countless ordnance assembly/disassembly and transportation evolutions involving hundreds of tons of ordinance without accident, or incident. I managed personnel and assets to ensure timely delivery of ordinance requested by four AV-8B squadrons, MALS-13 Paraloft, and VMFT-401. My supervision contributed to us being the only unit on base with a finding of zero discrepancies during an MCAS Yuma

Explosives Safety Audit.


Chris Throgmorton holds an Associate degree from AshfordUniversity, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business at ArizonaStateUniversity’s Tempe campus. Mr. Throgmorton’s studies have complemented the supervisory experience he gained as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, and as a member of the California Highway Patrol. Chris Throgmorton served as a Marine for four years, during which time he was assigned to the MunitionsWorkCenter in Yuma, Arizona. During his service, Mr. Throgmorton managed the daily activities of up to 11 fellow Marines, supervising their work in assembling, disassembling, transporting, and storing munitions used by Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 13 and Marine Fighter Training Squadron 401. In addition, he trained over 70 Marines of both higher and lower rank, who were part of the Ordnance Department. Through his managerial efforts his team processed countless tons of explosives without incident and, during the MCAS Yuma Explosives Safety Audit, was the only unit on the base found to have no discrepancies. As a member of the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Chris Throgmorton served the state of California for nine years, holding a variety of roles within the agency. As Officer-in-Charge, he supervised CHP’s handling of vehicular incidents. He also served as an Equal Opportunity Counselor, a Public Information Officer, and a Vehicle Theft Investigator. As a Vehicle Theft Investigator, Mr. Throgmorton earned recognition as a regional expert on fighting organized theft rings and on identifying stolen classic vehicles. Mr. Throgmorton trained other officers in his area of expertise through the Vehicle Theft Investigation course, part of the Commission of Peace Officer Standards and Training.


Martial Arts, Weight training, Running


Professional and Educational Networking




United States Marine Corp