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Mr. Christopher Paul Rabalais is the CEO of Crystal World Holdings, Inc., a company that provides top quality sports-focused financial products to be listed on Government Regulated global markets. In his role as CEO, Chris Rabalais oversees all critical aspects of the company operations including strategic direction, product development, sports league partnership maintenance, and interaction with Regulatory agencies. Under Chris Rabalais’ expert guidance, Crystal World Holdings created the world’s first legal financial product focused on sports teams. Currently, Crystal World Holdings has several flagship products, including HostCitySelect® and HostCountrySelect® (binary location contracts that mitigate the risks of a city or country selected to host a major sporting event, such as the World Cup, Olympics or the Super Bowl), and SportsRiskIndex® (an exchange-traded index futures contract that tracks the approximate value of a sports team or player in terms of millions of dollars). U.S. patent applications are in process for these revolutionary products.Christopher Rabalais is the principal architect of the sports stock market concept, and he has overseen the concept as it evolved from an idea into a tangible entity. The success of the Costa Rica-based AllSportsMarket (launched beta stage in 2003) proved the concept and led Chris Rabalais to spearhead the formation of Crystal World Holdings, Inc. in 2007. The company is presently valued at $7 million nearing the end of 2008 and is targeting an IPO for 2009.In his limited spare time, Mr. Christopher Rabalais enjoys a variety of hobbies that include keeping up-to-date on global issues, cycling, and reading. Passionate about his community, Christopher Rabalais contributes to charitable organizations such as World Vision,, Amnesty International and is a member of the Democratic National Committee. A dedicated family man, Chris Rabalais devotes himself to his wife and two young children. Christopher Rabalais currently leads Crystal World Holdings, Inc. from Washington, D.C.


Raising my two young boys, Being the best husband I can be, Reading books, Cycling, DeLorean Motor Company, Economics, Global Politics, Finance

Christopher P. Rabalais - July 31, 2009 Update

All former ASM accountholders with valid registered compliant accounts are invited to attend a web teleconference and presentation to be held on Saturday August 29, 2009 at 10:00 A.M. U.S. E.D.T.  The purpose of this event is to provide a comprehensive picture of ASM development from beta stage in 2003 through the present day holding open discussion and answering questions. All relevant matters will be covered including our milestones and successes along with our setbacks and failures.   From the very start I promised that I would vest valid accountholders in the ultimate outcome of this project. I was nearly certain we would end up with something vastly different than what we initiated and we have. Since before the termination of trading on the platform, I have been working to reach a consensus among the stakeholders on a mechanism to settle all valid ASM accounts.  To this date, I have been unsuccessful in this task. Although I feel that this promise made by me in the corporate capacity should be honored by the company, I can not force this outcome as I do not hold a majority stake. That leaves my personal holdings as the only currency available to make good on my promise.  As well, I feel that this is something that can wait no longer.  Therefore, I will be releasing my entire stake in Crystal World Holdings, Inc. of Washington, D.C. to a pool to be divided in proportion among all former valid ASM accountholders in full payment of their outstanding balances. The only exclusion is the previously issued ASMA1 positions. I will go into full detail on the web teleconference and answer questions. I am confident that once clarity is established and a full understanding is achieved, everyone will realize the value of this exchange and the enormous potential it represents. There will be no charges of any kind to make this exchange. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to [email protected] with the following details:a.   Your complete name and addressb.   Your current email addressc.   Your current day phone numberd.   Your current evening phone number  Only ASM clients who submitted all required GSFE disclosure and I.D. information and were cleared of fraud by the STCC will be permitted to attend. Your details above will be confirmed in our database and you will be sent specific non-transferable instructions for the web conference. As only a single login will be permitted with your unique code, sharing it will only result in your inability to attend yourself. Further details on the protocols and methods to submit questions and interact on the conference will be sent in the days leading up to the event. All information will be sent using the email your provide to us. Telephone numbers must be provided for any last minute notices and to access the telephonic portion of the program.Looking forward, I will continue to serve on the Crystal World Holdings, Inc. and Crystal World Markets, LLC (Washington, D.C.) Board of Directors and provide consulting and advisory services for as long as my participation is beneficial and desired by the CEO and other Board members.  My principal focus will shift toward business consulting and project management with a core spotlight on developing and marketing tools to grow and improve active Citizen participation in Government from the local to Federal levels. I will achieve this through bold new creative strategies to acquire and sustain individual interest in the political process by establishing and proving tangible immediate personal benefits. The 2008 U.S. Presidential Election cycle and its new technologies have opened up a vast wealth of possibilities and renewed the promise of “Government by the People for the People”.Chris P. RabalaisFriday July 31, 200911:50 A.M. U.S. C.D.T.


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Crystal World Holdings, Inc.
Developer of sports-focused financial products to be traded on regulated global markets. Produced the world's first legal financial instrument based on sports teams and formed partnerships to distribute the products on the global markets. “December 22, 2008, Crystal World Holdings, Inc. filed for a patent on the SportsRiskIndex (SRI) with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and was assigned #61/139,809.”


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Louisiana State University at Alexandria