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I design unique automation solutions to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions

I apply Agile principles to create efficient business strategies and tools

I use story-telling and shared values to compel meaningful action


Product Development

I use iterative design practices to design and deploy software tools

Course Development and Instruction

I have designed and taught coursework for building energy professionals

High Performance Building Controls

I develop, research, and specify high performance sequences for commercial building controls

HVAC Retrocommissioning

I evaluate the condition and operation of HVAC equipment and specify improvements


I develop training programs at SES consulting and support employee career development

Organizing and Engagement

I work with non-profits and institutions to promote behaviour change in stakeholders

Work History


Scrum Master

SES Consulting

I align our development team with the highest value business opportunities, helping the company stays adaptable in a changing market


Energy Efficiency Engineer

SES Consulting

I improve building performance through reprogramming and redesign of building systems



Scrum Master Certification Training

Alluvial Consulting

I trained in the Scrum framework for software development


Graduate Diploma - Building Engineering

Concordia University

I attended a specialized program for Engineers working in building sciences


Bachelors of Applied Science - Civil Engineering

University of British Columbia

I learned the core concepts of municipal, structural, and environmental engineering design

Project Example - Agile Energy Studies at BCIT

Using agile project management techniques, we conducted 12 detailed energy studies over the course of two months, identifying over $2,000,000 in quick payback energy conservation measures.

Reference: Alexandre Hebert - Energy Manager

Project Example - Building Tuning at UBC Okanagan

Using non-invasive programming measures to improve building control, we achieved a reduction of $100,000 in energy costs in 2015.  These measures were implemented in 5 of 23 buildings, kick-starting deep energy retrofits at the UBC Okanagan Campus.

Reference: Colin Richardson - Manager of Energy Systems

Project Example - Systems Integration at TRU

Following a recommissioning study, it was recommended that the Old Main building at Thompson Rivers University undergo a significant Building Automation upgrade.  We managed the design, specification and project management of this highly complex upgrade and integration project achieving projected energy reductions of over 20% annually.

Reference: Jim Gudjonson, Director of Environment and Sustainability

Writing Samples

Volunteer Work

For the period of 2012 to 2014, I dedicated time to the Dogwood Initative's LetBCVote campaign.  As part of this initiative, I developed community teams using the Marshall Ganz framework of community organizing.