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As young entrepreneur and a former professional tennis player, I have over 18 years experience playing tennis. I live and breathe tennis, motivating and encouraging young talent is my passion . I have coaching experience as i  used to run my  my own mobile tennis coaching business.  I have technical skills from my own professional playing experience as well as strategic skills as part of running my own business. I am currently seeking a tennis coaching position with a reputed sports organisation to motivate, train and mentor young talent to compete on national and international levels. Available  to start ASAP . 

Work experience


Self Employed-Tennis
2012Feb 2015
  • Teaching students techniques to grip a racket, take service, and use different shots such as forehand, backhand
  • Planning cardiovascular activities and assisting students to build stamina and fitness
  • Suggesting players to eat right diet to building endurance for rigorous practice and game hours
  • Analyzing and correcting footwork of players and instructing how to move on the ground
  • Taking running drills and hitting balls to players for determining different swings
  • Enacting the role of a mentor and friend and maintaining coach-and-student relationships
  • Provided clarity and focus to players before every practice session and match Developed and implemented safe, productive, healthy, and motivating environment
  • Emphasized on the importance of hard work, determination, health, fitness, and perseverance
  • Applied coaching ethics and restrained from exploiting students and from false praises
  • Performed storing and selection of equipment and supplies for the college
  • Gave instruction to players on playing tennis and anticipating opponents moves
  • Developed and implemented  marketing strategies in order to grow business
  • Built up client base via marketing as well as professional networking
  • Performed all administrative tasks in regards to clients and business
  • Reviewed market trends and   market demographic to determine potential growth for business as well as establish a pricing strategy in accordance to market



Jan 1999Nov 2005

Competed V.C.E. 


  • Tennis playing and coaching experience at varsity level
  • Interest and passion for teaching tennis to young children
  • Professional attitude, confident, and matured person
  • Excellent ability to interact with parents, players, and the administration staff
  • Knowledge of latest international rules and regulations related to tennis
  • Experienced in coaching beginners and advanced tennis players

  • Trained at one of the best tennis academies in the world, Academia Sánchez-Casal in Barcelona for 6 months
  • Have been playing tennis for over 18 years and have a great knowledge of the game and training methods
  • Played  ITF Futures (tournaments) all around the world for 5 years
  • Worked with junior world number 7 and number 3 seed x 2 Orange Bowl finalist at the Australian Open Stefanos Tsitsipas at Australian open 2015, US open 2015 and futures in Greece Oct 2015
  • Travelled the world and played tournaments for 8 years