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Christopher Rodgers

Business designer, bartender & hospitality expert.


I am an energetic, ambitious person who has developed mature and responsible approaches to any task that I undertake, or any situation that I am presented with. As a graduate in business & marketing and I am extremely proficient in Adobe, Microsoft and most technical programs. I have worked for multiple large companies were I have been responsible for deadlines, sales and financial issues. Also because of my duties I understand the importance of patients, team work and being creative to find the best solutions. On top of team management and my Art/ marketing career I also have over 9 years in the hospitality industry as a server, bartender and day to day customer service associate. During  my time in the restaurant industry it has given me extremely useful time management, public speaking, and other skills to make every experience for my customers fun & rememberable. 

Work History


FOH manager, bartender, server & private dinning

Bonefish grill

Throughout my two years at Bonefish Grill I became a jack of all trades. I flourished with serving, private dining events and bartending, bartending is a passion of mine. Within less than a year I was promoted to a floor manager and full responsibilities of closing, opening and managing the day to day. 


Mimi's Cafe

Bartender, server

High volume, fast paced restaurant in Centenial Hills Las Vegas. One of the busiest locations in the west. I worked as a breakfast, lunch and dinner server so I know how to handle every type of crowd, and can do everything from opening to closing the restaurant. We were also in charge of alcoholic beverages, expresso and free seating bar on top of our sections, so we had to be precise and fast.


The Peanut Farm Sports Bar & Grill


Providing each restaurant guest with timely, professional and quality service. Working in the Largest restaurant and bar in Anchorage I under went sports, high occupancy, events, catering long hours and fast turnover. Also due to the fast variety of beverages and food I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge in beer, wine, spirits, how to present them and how to prepare. 


Hard Rock Cafe 


Providing quality service in a fast and efficient way. Working large corporate events, street events, bar tending and casual dining experiences. Building knowledge in catering and bar tending 


Chilis Bar & Grill

Server, bartender, manager

Working multiple positions, providing excellent care, overcoming large numbers of customers in a fast turnover rate, gaining knowledge in spirits and working well with a large number of team members and managers


The University of Washington

Junior graphic designer

Focusing on print and web design, I helped design and maintain the UW Athletic Dept. website, brochures, and mail outs for students. Working with large deadlines, clients and projects in a timely and professional manner. 


Palisade restaurant


Gaining fine dining experience in a large, fast paced extremely popular downtown Seattle restaurant rated 4 stars. Started off as a server assistant and BOH, works my way to food runner and eventually server. Having to be extremely informed about the menu, wine/alcohol pairing and stomper service. Serving politicians, movie stars and athletes, we had to be polite, fast and professional. 



Associates degree in business

San Diego State University

Lacrosse scholarship 


The Art Institute of CA, Orange County 

Bachelors in Marketing and business

Snohomish High School

Snohomish, Wa

All state varsity WA, Lacrosse Captain for 3 years. MVP award 2006. 


With my education, communication skills and work experience, I believe I would be an extremely valuable addition to your team. I'm a problem solver, natural leader and all around team player. I'm used to stressful situations and having to come up with solution in a clear, timely and professional manner.

Telling you all this is great, but I'd rather show you! 


Eric Johnson (manager) 702-240-0532

katherine Tremble 702-267-7234

Brian Johnson (manager) 907-230-2092 

And many more upon request