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I have seven years of IT experience. I have been desktop support, systems support, network support, a Network Technician, a Systems Administrator End-User Support Associate. I have a Bachelor’s in Networking and Telecommunications Management, both a Network+ and an A+ Certification in PC Technician work. I seek to become an administrator and engineer in the IT departments for one or several small or medium companies.

Work experience



Consulting Various Companies

Created and disabled accounts in Windows network environments through Active Directory and Novell.

Created and removed network folders and organizational units.

Created shared e-mail boxes, secondary e-mail boxes and distribution lists through Outlook Exchange.

Replaced POTS phones with Labbra Bluetooth headsets & speakers as well as telephone handsets.

Troubleshoot the Bluetooth devices, settings, and Lync settings for over one thousand users.

Performed remote installation of Office 2016 products.

Assessed the network connectivity and strength of user's computers to determine how to perform the installations.

Determined which programs to remove and which to keep based on the needs of the users.

Troubleshoot installation of Office 365 on Macintosh laptops.

Performed re-imaging and backups for MacBook Pro laptops and iMac desktops.

Performed several PC roll-outs & other technologies outside of terminals and servers.

Replacement of the peripherals of all the devices as well.

Lead teams in some deployment projects as well as being the sole responsible party in other deployments.

Coordinated with the providers of the equipment to perform corrections or open trouble tickets when equipment was faulty.

Coordinated with the engineers to download drivers for the peripherals and test the equipment before declaring the site finished.

Performed level one support and when necessary open up tickets to be escalated to higher levels of support.

Maintained Communication with the customer throughout the process and explain the particulars of the problem in a language they could comprehend.

Built and maintained numerous home business, small business, and not-for-profit networks, which included building and maintaining PCs, servers, routers, switches, wireless access points, network printers and local printers.

Built and maintained profiles with designated network drives and network security.


Network Technician

Spacenet, Inc
Network Technician As a Network Technician my role was to monitor the network traffic of our clients from their remote locations to their headquarters via satellite transmissions. The transmissions were to be translated from radio frequency to TCP/IP over fiber optics or cable. While monitoring activities I would troubleshoot all problems-minute or serious-that would occur between the satellite transmissions and the cable and fiber switches that were maintained by Sprint, AT&T and Comcast. I would also maintain contact with the customers, my superiors, and our locations in both Chicago, IL and Marietta, GA. As part of the troubleshooting procedures I would coordinate with the Marietta, GA location to switch the signal relay, as well as document network trouble via sniffer programs.

Systems Administrator

Illinois Institute of Technology
Systems Administrator As a Systems Administrator I built new machines with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7. The 64-bit Windows 7 machines also had Windows XP running on VirtualPC. I also supported the existing Windows 7 machines, local and network printers and MFPs. I also supported their Microsoft Office programs and various databases that were utilized in the department. I also maintained network connectivity for new and existing users in the department.

End-User Support Associate


My role was to build and maintain all the systems and peripherals utilized by the company's employees. I performed technical support, PC and server builds, network maintenance, wire management, remote troubleshooting, installs, upgrades, file security, profile recovery, computer and server backups as well as the liaisons to consultants contracted by the company to support local and network printers and MFPs. I refined my troubleshooting skills, my diagnostic skills, and customer service skills. I was in charge of deployment of various equipment and technologies that spanned several disciplines and departments.




DeVry University

Associates Degree

ITT Technical Institute