Christopher Janse

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2015 - Aug 2015

Internship supporting Water Treatment Sales Representative 

Buckman Laboratories 

Worked with a water treatment representative, and helped service his accounts.  His accounts included power plants, primary water treatment, and corn to ethanol plants.

Mar 2013 - Jan 2015

Tire Technician


Was enrolled in the student retention program. Worked at least 200 hours per year during this employment. Received two very favorable performance reviews. Qualified as a tire technician.


Aug 2014 - Dec 2015

Major : Fisheries and Aquatic Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Murray State University

Cumulative GPA: 3.40




Able to check the yeast viability, and vitality with the cellometer. 

Conductivity test

Know how to run water conductivity tests.

MCA test

Know how to run MCA (mono-chloramine) tests.

Corn oil separation

Know how to check the effectiveness of different additives in separation of  corn oil from spent mash.


Know how to use petrifilms, and how to interpret them.

ATP tests

Know how to run total, and free ATP tests.

International Experience

Have lived on more than one continent and can speak at least three languages and understand another two.  Have also attended school systems in more than one country. 


Mid South Bass Angling Club - Achieved Angler of the year. Multi species angling (Artlure) - Represented South Africa a number of times in international competitions (development team). Multi species angling (Artlure) - Junior regional champion for 3 years. National South African record holder for 3 species of fish.


High School Varsity tennis - played nr 1.  Received trophies for most inspiring player and MVP.


During my internship I was required to work independently, and often interfaced with customers without the sales representative being present. Many of the techniques I learned were documented in a workbook which is still currently being used in Buckman for training of established sales representatives.  I presented my research to the customer which helped reduce yeast usage. This resulted in an annual savings of $65,000. This was part of Buckmans continuous improvement program. 


References available upon request.