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To secure a full time position as a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist, EEG Technician, EP Technician, and Intraoperative Monitoring Technician where I can maximize my expertise in patient care and the collection of data, scoring of data, and the writing preliminary reports. 

Work experience

May 2009Present

Registered Polysomnographic Technologist- Merrillville, Indiana

The Neurological Institute and Specialty Centers
  • Performed multiple BiPAP S and ST, ASV, and CPAP titrations.
  • Responsible for the International 10-20 Electrode placement as lab's EEG technician with exemplary low impedance.
  • Implemented the Home Sleep Apnea Testing program within our practice.
  • Set-up PAP equipment with detailed explanation to patients for DME companies.
  • Reliable for all inventory and the ordering of masks and equipment.
  • Performed MSLTs and MOWTs on various patients.
  •  Able to score countless Polysomnograms per AASM and created Preliminary Reports for Board Certified Physicians and assisted physicians while dictations occurred.
  • Utilized Alice L.E. and G3 equipment.  Utilized Nihon Kohden equipment
May 2012May 2014

Neuro-Diagnostic Technician

Northwestern Memorial Hospital- Chicago, Illinois (Streeterville)
  • Responsible for neuro-muscularly ill patients while performing sleep studies. 
  • Transcended my skills and was asked to become Northwestern's first ever ENDT.
  • Maximized my skills and shadowed in the O.R. as I was selected to cross-train as an IOMN technician.
  • Worked closely with EEG technologists as I was selected to cross-train as an EEG technician.
  • Received gratification with an offer to utilize my skills as a Neurodiagnostic Manager in an up and coming new facility.
  • Familiar with the intramuscular electrode placement for nuero-muscularly ill patients.
  • Utilized Nihon Kohden testing equipment.




Purdue University Calumet


May 2009Present

CPR certified

American Heart Association
Jan 2012Present

Registered Polysomnographic Technologist 

Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists
Registry Number 17855