Christopher Balingit

  • El Cajon CA
Christopher Balingit

Contact Information

Address: 1467 Lily Avenue El Cajon, CA 92021

Home Phone: N/A

Cell Phone: 619-715-3458

Email: [email protected]

Self Summary

My Name is Christopher Balingit and I am a current student at Valhalla High School in El Cajon. I intend on working in the medical field, more specifically in Radiology looking to enter into a career as an X-Ray technician. 3 colleges I intend on working to get into include UCSD, San Diego Mesa College, or Bakersfield college. The reason for these colleges is that all of them offer programs in radiology which is my career of choice. My goals for the next 4 years is to graduate from college within 4 years and to aspire towards a career in the medical field. This degree from the colleges mentioned above can get me the skills to begin a career in the medical field. I am interested in the medical field for it’s usefulness and helpfulness in everyday life and helping others to survive their injuries. The fact that a job in the medical field means helping people and supporting them through their injuries makes this field of careers, in my opinion, very important and a career path with vast stability in the foreseeable future.


Sep 2012 - Jun 2016

High School Diploma

Valhalla High School 

Education- Valhalla High School 1725 Hillsdale Rd., El Cajon, CA 92019

Current GPA: 3.833  Rank in Class: TBD

SAT Score: 1650

Class Schedule:


AP English Literature



AP US Government/ Politics and Economics



AP English Language and Composition

Algebra II

Chemistry IC/ IIC

AP United States History

Environmental Design IC/ IIC

Weight Training


Humanities 2 Honors English

Geometry IC/ IIC

Biology IC/ IIC

AP World History

Spanish VC/ VIC

Sophomore/ Junior Physical Education


Humanities 1 Honors English

Algebra IC

General Science

Pre-AP World History

Spanish IIIC/ IVC

Freshman Physical Education

Extra-curricular Activities

Boy Scout 2006-2009

Baseball 2005-2008

Interests and community service


Medical Field

Video Game Development

Foreign Languages (Spanish Speaker)

American History

Technology Development