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Christophe Albrech

Yellowfin BI Systems Architect, SQL Server and Coldfusion Web Developer.

Highlights of Qualifications

Certified MS SQL Server developer with strong database/query tuning and ETL skills.

Proven experience managing the architecture, maintenance, and on-going development of the entire BI environment for a major SaaS eRecruitment vendor with high-profile clients.

Over 10 years experience as a web software engineer using Coldfusion, MS SQL Server and frontend technologies, then as a development-team manager, with a history of productivity and successful project outcomes.


Yellowfin (BI platform)
Comfortable with all aspects of server management, Integration with other web-applications, data layers (views) design, report writing, and consulting.
Database Development, Maintenance and Tuning
Most experienced with and certified in MS SQL Server 2000-2014 on highly transactional and sensitive environments such as large government departments' recruitment data. Also acquainted with other DBMS such as MySQL and Access.
Database Modeling
Knowledgable about designing both logical and physical implementations of complex and abstract systems as well as the process of denormalisation used in BI environments.
Web Development

Specialised in Coldfusion version 5 to 11  over IIS/apache and MSSQL Server with a sound knowledge of common front-end technologies such as HTML 4-5, CSS, XML, regular expressions  or JQuery.

Project and Team Management

4 years overseeing a 5-to-8 people development team on a complex SaaS app, first as technical lead, then as direct report.

Microsoft BI Stack (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)
Attended a 5-day BI course with SQLdownunder in 2012 and completed a number of small projects using SSIS and SSAS.
Other BI Systems
Basic knowledge of QlikView and Tableau

Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Software Engineer 

  • Devised and implemented the migration of over 400 websites to a new data center.
    • Tested and fixed codebases and databases to allow them to run on much newer versions of SQL Server and Coldfusion.
    • Implemented disaster recovery procedures.
  • Worked on a complex Coldfusion CMS.
  • Worked on various ETL project, in particular a migration tool from our CMS to Wordpress.
May 2010May 2014

Yellowfin BI Systems Architect

  • Handled a complex Yellowfin environment for over 150 high-caliber clients.
  • Rewrote company-wide ETL which introduced the following improvements:
    • Near-real-time reporting data as opposed to 4-to-24-hour old data, depending on client.
    • Reporting data for each client now on dedicated server and database, allowing main application to perform better, recover faster from disaster, and again improved the performance of the reporting module.
  • Implemented and pioneered the use of location intelligence.
  • Oversaw report-writing when too complex for clients or consultant to manage.
  • Rewrote Yellowfin data-layer (views) which resulted in much faster reports for all clients, a more intuitive system and reduced time spent on support.
  • Familiarised myself with Yellowfin configuration database, performance-tuned it to great effect, and built system-monitoring meta-reports on top of it.
  • Participated to internal training.
Jan 2008May 2010

Software Development Manager and Application Architect

  • Managed team of 8 developers on major SaaS eRecruitment platform, reporting directly to the CTO and liaising daily with support, sales, and account managers.
  • Introduced wikis internally to promote product documentation and user-help.
  • Increased project quoting accuracy to over 85% by writing a standardised quotation template.
  • Fostered learning and development by encouraging developers to go local technology user-groups (SQL Server, Coldfusion...), and participate to weekly meeting in which they would present on a particular project or technology.

Jan 2007Jan 2008

IT Operational Development Team Leader

  • Provided technical guidance to the development team and was responsible for all quoting and design.
  • Worked closely with lead sales person on major pitches.
  • Reviewed server configuration and physical-model design of all product databases, which resulted in vast performance improvements in keys areas of the system.
  • Wrote an internal framework to streamline and accelerate web-service integration projects.
  • Split our biggest client's database and system into individual state-based interlinked accounts.
Apr 2005Jan 2007

Software Engineer (Coldfusion)

  • Suggested and took on the implementation of a "job-application event-log" to allow customers to better track-down their applicants, which decreased the amount of support necessary to help them do so.
  • Contributed to bring the bug-slate down to 5 from over a hundred.
Oct 2003Oct 2004

Software Engineer (Coldfusion)

Siemens Shared Services (NJ, USA)

1-year Internship as a Coldfusion and SQL Server 2000 developer following university.



Feb 2013Present

MCTS SQL Server 2008R2 Database Developer (70-433)

The MCTS: SQL Server 2008R2 Database Development certification is an industry recognized credential. The certification is proof of a person's competence across a spectrum of skills including database logical and physical modeling, query writing, performance tuning and carrying day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting of databases using SQL Server.

Technical blog is a technical blog about Business Intelligence, databases, and related technologies, most specifically Yellowfin.

Other Interests

  • Skydiving
  • Gliding
  • Drumming
  • Travelling

Spoken Languages

  • French: fluent
  • English: fluent


French and Australian citizen