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Work experience

Aug 2013Present

Collaborative Lead Teacher

Pemnina Hills Regional school division

Collaborative Lead Teacher- lead the professional collaborations among teachers and support their application of universal design for learning and differentiated instruction.
Key Responsibilities include:
1. Lead a community of Practice- sustainable community of practice in PHRD and participate in and contribute to a provincial community of practice.
2. Work Collaboratively with Innovative Minded Teachers- develop collaborative relationships in a variety of settings with teachers willing to explore applications of UDL and DI.
3. Assess the Effectiveness and Impact of UDL and DI Strategies- observe and analyze the effectiveness of specific differentiated strategies in various settings.
4. Manage the Resources that are developed- manage the resources created with the intention of distribution and ease of access.



Westlock Elementary

Grade 4 classroom teacher, all subjects, early reading intervention teacher, technology lead, technology challenge teacher and after school technology club.




K-10 teacher, technology challenge teacher (Dapp School), early reading intervention teacher.




Gr. 3/4 remedial writing, Gr. 5/6 math challenge, Gr. 2 homeroom, Gr. 3 homeroom, technology lead teacher, technology challenge teacher.



Engages in collaborative instructional design with various teachers to create lessons, units and year plans

Provides engaging learning experiences considering the Universal Design for Learning framework

Passion for inquiry based learning and student voice in the classroom

Designs and delivers professional development for staff on various educational technology topics (Digital Citizenship, Google Apps for Education, iPads, Assistive Technology for Reading & Writing, Web Publishing and Digital Portfolios)

Structures a positive and supportive class community environment that maximizes student participation and success

Competent and effective when dealing with students of all ages resulting in establishing excellent one on one rapport

Maintains ongoing communication with parents to highlight strengths, accomplishments, concerns and general classroom information through various forms of communication (telephone calls, discussion, class website, monthly newsletters, class Twitter feed, Remind App, email, and student digital portfolios)

Exemplary in prioritization, organization and coordination techniques resulting in the efficient delivery of multiple projects

Highly valued team member who has the ability to work independently

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Professional, positive and creative approach with strong life and work ethics

Early adopter and innovator of researched based practices to improve the learning of all students

Designs and maintains a several educational websites for students and educators



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