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Work experience

Apr 2011Present

CSR/Project Manager

United Direct Marketing

CSR/Project Manager supporting sales for a small marketing company devoted to serving the non-profit community with direct mail.  

Solutions based client communication including coaching and problem solving

  • Managed print and mail projects
  • Handled proofing for several critical print/mail pieces for nationally recognized universities' Annual Giving programs
  • Improved internal systems of documentation and data collection
  • Contributed to building a comprehensive mail list for 100's of colleges, universities and private schools in the United States  
  • Communicated with vendors, including working with graphic artists
Sep 2011Present

Print Desk CSR

Newport Stationers

Print Desk Customer Service Representative within a high-end stationery shop

I assist customers with choosing both personal and business stationery packages as well as stamps and labels for both business and personal use. 

I coach customers to understand the intrinsic value of buying stationery products made with 100% cotton paper, I educate on the differences between  printing methodologies, for the product.

I help customers choose the perfect item and I manage the personalization necessary to complete the project.  

Apr 2010Aug 2010

Reg E Project Manger

Scantron Corporation

Contract position with Scantron for Federal Government Regulation E project

 Hit the ground running Project Management for Print/Mail and Data Collection

  •  Interfaced with several teams spread across the county, including Scantron in  Eagan  MN, and Scantron in PA, as well as contracted account reps and representatives with Harland Clarke
  •  Managed over 50 small projects consisting of a hybrid print piece, which                    incorporated a custom letter and bank logos and some customizing of the scannable  forms 
  •  Project management included data base management, proofing, communication        between sales reps and manufacturing plants
  •  Participated in weekly calls with management, maintained documentation for team    and trained and coached new staff on procedures 
  •  Managed a unique and highly customized project for the Bank of Hawaii,  which required dedicated staff, additional management and plenty of challenges
  • Total Project netted over 4 million in profit for company

 Project officially ended in August of 2010. 

Nov 2008Feb 2010

Senior Project Coordinator

Apperson Print Resouces

Senior Project Coordinator for 2 Project Managers and sales staff

Digital Technology Systems (DTS) Team Member

  • Managed vendor and interdepartmental communication
  • Wrote project scope documentation for print/mail and print and pack projects
  • Improved internal systems of document management
  • Spearheaded and incorporated several key PM principals improving quality, internal systems, productivity and documentation methods

What I Did:

  I gathered vendor pricing, produced preliminary scope documents and other supporting documents for print/mail projects.  I managed order writing, vendor relations, print proofing, finishing, packaging requirements and billing for various projects ranging from simple exact repeats to highly detailed, variations of printed materials.   I helped to win a lucrative contract for LAUSD test booklets, by finding creative solutions to packaging issues and suggesting better ways of managing packaging requirements.   My expertise in scannable forms allowed for Apperson to attract new business from educational clients.  I coached and provided expert help to new sales staff.  I took on web based research roles, including searching and ultimately winning projects from group bidding websites.  I managed a monthly milestone website for internal use, utilized by 3 related departments.  I visited vendors and contributed my extensive print and finishing knowledge to press checks. In addition, I managed vendor selection and materials selections for upcoming projects 

Dec 2006Oct 2008

Custom Forms Print Project Coordinator

Scantron Corporation

Team member within highly specialized print manufacturing and data collection unit 

  • Managed critical print projects by developing schedules for all services required, coordinated with internal teams (Design, IT/Programming, Marketing, Printing and Shipping)
  • Managed project scope, quality, traffic control and billing clients for work completed
  • Daily CSR interaction with internal manufacturing facility, coordinating to meet customer requirements, owning quality, accuracy, on-time delivery and closure
  • Daily critical communication with clients to insure project success
  • Coordinated with sister departments for coordination of print and mail projects 

 What I Did:

 I joined Scantron in 2006 after relocating to California. Scantron is an internationally recognized name in scannable forms and data collection.  Within the custom forms division, I managed 2 of Scantron's Top 10 clients.One client required heavy account management with daily updates on various projects and programs. Each project for this client had expedited manufacturing and shipping requirements, which I managed with 100% accuracy.  My other Top 10 client had a monthly program of printing and shipping, which included database management.In addition, I managed several projects for a nationally recognized educational testing book supplier, including working with sister departments for proofs, manufacturing scheduling, finishing scheduling and packaging requirements. I also managed a custom form program for public school report card manufacturing.   In 2008, Scantron purchased a competitor and moved all manufacturing operations, including custom forms printing, to PA. 


PMI-Orange County Chapter

On-going study and application of Project Management  standards, as it applies to small/ short duration manufacturing.

Completed 12 weeks of Project Management coursework and study. Earned certificate of completion for classwork

Attended and completed 8 week PM course in preparation to test for Project Management Certification (PMP)

Irvine Valley Community College

Completed Coursework for Adobe Creative Suite 5, including Flash and Dreamweaver. Final grade A!

Saddleback Community College

Completed pre-algebra class (Just for fun and practice!)

Future academic goals include accounting, marketing and computer courses


San Diego State University

Attended classes for small business and accounting at SDSU

Completed courses in running a small business, earning a certificate of completion

Completed course in basic book-keeping 

Completed course in Quickbooks accounting


What Do I Want?

I want creativity. How does that show up?

I am a true kinesthetic learner. I see, touch, play and discover continuously. I look at design, be it printing, packaging, web, fabric, print...anything visual, and delight in the good and beautiful. Give me color, texture, light, shadow, sound, smell.  My aesthetic sensibilities know no bounds and I'm an equal opportunity artist.  I find beauty and meaning in everything.

I "see" relationships and balance in a very esoteric way and it has always informed my vision. 

I want structure and order. How does that show up?

I have a great romance with systems. I love to play with making a series of things work in concert and I revel in successful repeatability. I appreciate efficiency and continuous improvement, Kaizen.  Each action I take is thoughtfully considered within the structure of the action. Is it efficient, can I learn to do it faster, better, with more value?  I don't fear process improvement; I see it as a beautiful dance of striving for perfection.  It is never done. There are always places to explore for improvement and correction. Where will this take me?

Who am I in the Professional World?

I love working in creative environments, such as  print packaging, commercial printing, POP and displays and print /mail marketing. Or maybe, a true design firm?   I am perfectly aligned with creative organizations that need a logical mind to follow thru with the structure and system. 

I'm a leader in what I do.  I take ownership of my work and constantly improve my processes and opportunities, which is a win for everyone.  

I want to be aligned with a corporation that is up to Something Big.  I want to have a true sense of contribution, within an organization that values the human spirit and all that we can accomplish, as well as the bottom line.  

What Really Matters?

No company really succeeds without inspired team members.  Everyone counts and every contribution has value.  I am constantly intrigued with the philosophy of Kaizen- Constant Improvement.  Nothing is ever done, or perfected.  We are all still polishing ourselves.

My Goal is to bring a better way to solving challenges.

 I'm attracted to simple solutions; I constantly ask how can it be done better?  I am a creative thinker and I embrace the opportunity to deconstruct and re-vision.  I love the concepts of Project Management.  I use logic and order to frame the creative!


Read in the last 6 months:

The Art of the Start-Guy Kawasaki

Microstyle, The Art of Writing Little- Christopher Johnson

The Tipping Point-Malcolm Gladwell

Blink-Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers-Malcolm Gladwell

The Four Agreements-Don Miguel Ruiz ( I read this once a year!)

Every NYT Sunday edition


Full Life
I am a roadbiker, recently completed my first Amtrak Century ride/September 2011 I hike, moutain bike and camp in a real tent.  Pack it in and pack it out! I garden and grow some of my own food I eat carefully and thoughtfully.   I have a stable relationship and I'm a happy human being I am extremely healthy and well balanced in all aspects of my life
I hold a first degree black belt in Aikido.  I helped run a not-for-profit community martial arts school,Twin Cities Aikido Center, in St. Paul MN.   I held the elected position of President for several years.  I taught classes, attended seminars and organized the group for events and demonstrations.  The practice of Aikido is a peaceful martial art dedicated to continuous improvement and does not incorporate any competition as a way to measure dedication and skill.  Instead, recognition is achieved by practice, helping others, making a contribution to the group and the community and perfecting the art of being a human being.  My experience within this community greatly shaped my worldview and I value every moment I spent there.  
Project Management
Extensive experience within print project management with both direct manufacturing and subcontracting
Microsoft Office Suite
Skilled in Word, Excel, PowerPoint