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Using information to teach and learn is my business.  It is what I do best.  In the course of my professional life, I have taught adults and children how to use information to find things or to learn things; I have used information to help adults learn how to best reach children who are learning and researching; and I have used information for myself to learn how to create a niche business in the world of travel.  I want to continue using my education and skills to expand the exchange of information and learning within my community. 

Work experience

November 2014Present

Owner and Travel Planner


We live in an information rich society and sometimes travel choices can be overwhelming. With a Master's degree in Library and Information Science, I am the perfect choice to help clients navigate all of that information. My degrees provide me with all the tools and training needed to help clients research,find, and make choices that are best suited for their personal traveling styles and budgets. I use the information I find to help my clients take regular events and put them together with destinations around the world to turn them into something really special.

My niche market is not a particular destination, it's a particular people.  I specialize in Families.   Your family is made up of the people you love, those that mean the most to you in the world.  Your spouse, life partner, children, can be your friend group, your tribe- those people you have CHOSEN as family.  Whether you are a couple starting a new life together, parents with children, a multi-generational family, or empty nesters with new found freedom ready to see the world, we want to help you and your family create amazing memories together that will last forever. The world is big.  Life is short.  Let's Go Vacay. 

October 2016October 2017

Adjunct Instructor- Integrated Reading and Writing


I loved teaching adults! Helping them rediscover reading as something pleasurable makes me happy.  I want to make sure they have the skills to make their way through complicated texts as well as the skills to be able to respond to the same texts in a writing.   Once they get reading (even if begrudgingly) it's much easier for them to see the connections between reading and writing.  In my last class at TCCD Trinity River, I used a thematic novel study of the Book Thief to engage my students in reading and writing.  Students wrote literary responses, opinion pieces, formal answers to questions posed during reading, and research papers on applicable WWII figures.  

July 2015May 2017

Independent Educational Consultant/ Cadre Member


I use my past experiences as a librarian and teacher combined with deep knowledge of the myON Digital Literacy Services to train and empower other teachers, librarians, school interventionists, and administrators on how to successfully implement and best utilize the services offered by myON for individual classrooms, campuses, and school districts.  I help them learn to effectively and efficiently navigate the myON system, design original standards based projects and integrate those into existing curriculum, and understand how and where myON fits best into their own educational equations.  

August 2007June 2015

Elementary School Librarian

Roberta Tipps Elementary School- Mansfield ISD

Telling stories to kids was one of my favorites parts of being the librarian at Roberta Tipps Elementary.  I loved nothing more than seeing an entire class get drawn in by a really good story.  I loved matching students with books- especially the ones who didn't think they liked to read.  I taught and designed hands on, interactive lessons, had a makerspace, and even encouraged students to play old fashioned board games and puzzles in their free time in the library to help encourage strategic and critical thinking.  I very much enjoyed going into classrooms and collaborating with teachers to show children how to use information to solve problems and to learn new things.  I spent a lot of time on my campus finding ways to make the library even more relevant to my stakeholders by providing more services at the point of need- things like digital services, digital devices and   device management, and digitization of the literacy library run by our reading specialist.  

August 2005August 2007

Third Grade Teacher

Janet Brockett Elementary- Mansfield ISD

Third grade was my favorite grade to teach.  This is the grade where students start to make the switch from learning to read to reading to learn, and I loved seeing that light bulb pop on.  I liked to share novels with my students, work in large and small groups (or one on one if needed), and teach lessons in ways that were relevant to my students.  We had fun and laughed and got serious when we needed to.  I used literature in science and social studies when I could and went hands on in math as often as possible to help those concrete thinkers. I had gifted students, special education students, and everyone in between. Being a classroom teacher is a great balancing act of specialization, accommodation, and differentiation, and I enjoyed every minute of it.




Master's of Library and Information Science

University of North Texas

Master's of Educational Foundations

Texas Christian University

Bachelor's of Art in Journalism

University of Texas at Arlington


Texas Educator Certifications (State Board of Educator Certification)

  • School Librarian (EC-12)- valid through 6/30/19
  • Classroom Teacher (Grades 1-6)- valid through 6/30/19
  • Classroom Teacher English as a Second Language (Grades 1-6)- valid through 6/30/19

Graduate Academic Certificate (University of North Texas)

  • Youth Librarianship
  • Storytelling


Computer/ Internet/ MS Office

I've been to graduate school twice and I run an online small business!   I can use a computer and navigate MS Office at an advanced level.  

Social Media

I use social media (Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram) to promote my small business.  I used Twitter as an educator for professional development and parent involvement purposes.  I'm probably more addicted to FB than I should be, and I spend way too much time on the Internet in general. I used the Remind app with past classes, and have ideas on how to use Twitter for reading and writing students in the future. 

Web Design

I've dipped my toes in this area!  I've designed my own websites for my travel business.  I keep these updated for content and have started using different apps and avenues for marketing and drawing in leads and targeted audiences.


Upon request