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I am a highly-motivated and results driven finance professional. At present, and throughout my education, I have actively participated in the management, evaluation and discussion of personal investment assets with advisors at Goldman-Sachs Private Wealth Management. 


Aug 2009Aug 2014

Finance, B.B.A

Loyola Marymount University
  • GPA: 3.6
  • Member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • Dean's List

Work experience

May 2011Present

Independent Investor 

Christina J Dimitriadis Investments

Real Estate-

2011: Doheny West Towers, West Hollywood, CA, 90069

Purchase of condominium, subsequent remodel and upgrade

2013: 211 S. Spalding Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Purchase of condominium, subsequent redesign, remodel, upgrades

Aug 2013Present

Independent nvestor

Christina J Dimitriadis Trust

Active co-management with Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management Team of personal wealth accounts as follows: 

Dimitriadis 2011 Irrev Tr fbo CJD Stmt

GST Non-Exempt fbo Christina

Christina J Dimitriadis Stmt

Dimitriadis Tr fbo Christina Dimitriadis-5

Dimitriadis Tr fbo Christina Dimitriadis-3

Banking Services Account-1

Dimitriadis CJD Roth IRA Inhr Adv

Dimitriadis Christina Bkge

Banking Services Account-4

Dimitriadis Christina GS: Eq and FI

Dimitriadis CJD Inhr IRA Adv

Dimitriadis Tr fbo Christina GS: Muni FI

Dimitriadis Christina Personal Invstments

GST Non-Exempt Tr fbo Christina Adv

GST Non-Exempt Tr fbo Christina Bkge

Aug 2009Aug 2014



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Portfolio Management Achievements

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Basic proficiency in French and Spanish

Capital Markets

Understanding of the history, role of financial markets and institutions, structure of financial system, structure of various financial markets (equity, debt, bond, mortgage) and their functions,role of the Fed, knowledge of information asymmetry as it pertains to the financial landscape


Stock and bond valuation, CAPM, options, portfolio computation, performance evaluation, market efficiency, familiarity with primary and secondary markets

Mergers and Acquisitions

Process, alternative restructuring strategies, development of acquisition plans and their implementation, value creation/destruction as a result of M&A, Valuation of: the acquiring firm, target firm, synergy, lbos. Deal structuring and negotiation, Purchase price estimate, Financing plan, Integration plan and plans for resolving common tax, payment, accounting, and legal issues arising during transactions.

Business Perspectives

Business institutions and the legal, social and institutional dimensions of the business environment. Ethical evaluation of business decisions. 

Computer Skills

Microsoft Word, Excel, Flash, Photoshop, and Powerpoint, Basic website and database design

IT in Business

Problem-solving and analytical skills. Mental processing/logical thinking stage, procedure development, use of spreadsheet in modeling/data analysis, Use of knowledge work productivity software, Decision making and model building in the management of operations as it pertains to productive enterprises.

Business Enterprise

Development of business plan, SWOT analysis, HRM, OB, differences in political, economic, and socio-cultural systems stemming from globalization,foreign exchange mechanisms, international trade and investment theories, global manufacturing, marketing as it guides business strategy- discovering and creating demand


Knowledge and use of financial techniques and concepts to measure firm performance. Valuing a stream of cash flows. Risk/return tradeoff. Benefits of diversification.  Financial instruments used in, recapitalization, reorganization, and valuation of business enterprises. Calculation of Cost of Capital- for use in capital budgeting and investment decisions. The factors and significance of capital structure.   Time Value of Money, security valuation, working capital management, determination of exchange rates, exchange rate risk, determinants of a firm's dividend policy 


Functions (exponential and logarithmic), math of finance, linear programming, application of differential and integral calculus of elementary functions to business and economic problems 

Financial Accounting BASIC

preparation, interpretation, and analysis of financial statements, knowledge of accounting cycle, recording and analyzing transactions, accounting valuation and allocation practices