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Work experience

Mar 2001Present


Teardrop Rain
Christian Casher (Dr. Kacher's stage name for music) started at the age of 3 playing for The Suzuki Institute and quickly made his mark. He composed his first song he called 'Night Fog' when he was 5 years old. From age 5 to age 12, The Suzuki Institute chose him each year to represent the organization. He was flown to high profile cities in the US and Japan to give live concert performances. 'Burma Teardrop Rain' has been requested by the exiled Prince of Burma on the oppression of his people in Burma. 'Andy' is a favorite of many and has received airplay on Y-FM and Metro-FM in South Africa. 'Andy' was motivated by finding ones true love then losing that true love. Another track of his also received airplay on South Africa's MTV station MK-89. 'Bittersweet' was used in a documentary on college life in the UK. 'Mourning Rain' is a prelude to 'The One', and was used in a video chronicling legendary artist Anthony Christian's life. 'The One' is a song one of Casher's best friends used to win over the love of her life. Legendary artist Anthony Christian said "Your music brilliantly and emotionally describes the highest highs and lowest lows of love. Your music should be referred to as 'Love Affairs of the 21st Century'."
Jun 2003Present

Head Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst

Geographia Investment Advisors / Fountainhead Holdings
While first working with world renowned Market Wizard, William ONeil, multi-billionaire and owner of Investor Business Daily, Dr. Chris Kacher developed market timing and stock trading algorithms that were researched and tested going back over a century. The backbone to Dr. Kacher's success is his timing model which has never missed a bull or bear market since 1991, enabling him to go long or short individual stocks or exchange traded funds (ETFs) depending on the signal issued. His market timing calls and stock picks are of the highest value to Geographia and its clients.
Aug 2008Present


Market Timing Wizard
Dr. Christian Kacher achieved triple digit returns each year for 6 years in a row (1995-2000). He was consequently interviewed in a book 'Conversations With Top Traders' by Kevin Marder where Marder writes that Dr. Kacher's total return from 1996-2000 was over 70,000%.
Jan 1996Feb 2002

Portfolio Manager / Head of Stock Market Research

William O Neil and Company Inc.
Christian Kacher was the all star investor in William O'Neil's internal money management group known as The Inner Circle who helped manage O'Neil's money which amounted to over $1 billion. Each member was hand picked by O'Neil based on their prior investment track records in the stock market. Only the best of the best were allowed into this inner circle. Since 1995, only 15 or so investors have been privileged to manage O'Neil's money. Each year Dr. Kacher helped manage O'Neil's money (1997-2002), he achieved the highest percentages out of this select group. He also was appointed head of fundamental research in the stock market. He also was interviewed regularly in Investor's Business Daily, O'Neil's newspaper. He also participated in high level conference calls with institutional investors.
Mar 1994Dec 1995


Virtue of Selfish Investing
Christian Kacher started one of the first investment advisory services on the internet. The number of subscribers grew exponentially as his stock picks and market timing advice proved highly profitable.


Sep 1990Dec 1995


University of California - Berkeley
Coryell Award University Fellowship American Chemical Society Award


Dr. Kacher launched which features his stock market direction model which has scored an astounding +182.8% from March 12, 2009 to July 13, 2010 (date of this writing) and was up  +38.8% in 2008 through market timing. His book "Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple: How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market"  has reached as high as #4 and #6 in finance and investing on amazon, respectively, even before it launched and the real marketing has yet to begin. Wiley & Sons said they think this book will go to #1 on ALL of amazon.

Dr. Christian Kacher is a renowned stock investor. He achieved triple digit percentage returns every year from 1995 to 2000, six years in a row. He also achieved a 70,472% return in 4 1/2 years which has been independently confirmed. He is the protégé of William O'Neil of the CANSLIM method of investing. In conjunction with his investment career, Dr. Kacher helped to discover element 110 and confirm the discovery of element 106 which the research group of which he was a member named Seaborgium. Dr. Christian Kacher leverages 18 years of experience in the investment sector toward his current positions in the financial world. Dr. Kacher oversees a hedge fund based in Geneva, is head research advisor to Geographia Investment Advisors, and is CEO of Market Timing Wizard, an investment web portal that provides in depth analysis of market trends. Prior to his current leadership roles at Geographia and Market Timing Wizard, Christian Kacher served as Head of Stock Market Research at William O'Neil and Company, Inc. Dr. Kacher worked in close concert with multi-billionaire investor William O'Neil and was a member of the elite 'Inner Circle' of investors who managed O'Neil's personal wealth. Kacher produced the highest returns of this prestigious group. Christian Kacher also developed proprietary algorithms to identify buy and sell signals in the market. This timing model has engendered phenomenal returns and has not missed a bull or bear market since 1991. For the first time, Dr. Kacher is making available his timing model's buy and sell signals at Kacher received triple digit returns on his investment every year from 1995-2000 and annually averaged over 200% ROI.  Dr. Christian Kacher was profiled in Kevin Marder's book "The Best" which profiled top performing stock traders. On January 1, 2009, Dr. Kacher will be launching a new fund, Innercircle Ltd, together with a former William O'Neil all star, Gil Morales, Dr. Kacher and Mr. Morales were both top performers out of William O'Neil's elite group of hand-picked portfolio managers, and were interviewed together in Kevin Marder's book 'Conversations With Top Traders'. Dr. Christian Kacher is also an accomplished pianist who has performed concerts in major cities around the world. Classically trained in the Suzuki method, his original compositions can be heard on broadcast and digital channels, as well as on his debut CD, "Teardrop Rain." Some of his compositions can be heard on Christian Kacher took his Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Physics from the University of California at Berkeley, where he studied under Nobel laureate Dr. Glenn Seaborg who discovered Plutonium.  He helped to discover element 106 which his team named Seaborgium and discovered element 110.Dr. Christian Kacher has residences in America, Europe and the United Kingdom.


Appointed Ambassador to Royal Burma Society by the Burmese Crown Prince. Royal Burma Society aims to lift the oppression suffered by the people of Burma.