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Computer Scientist specialized in mathematical modelling and optimization.

For the past two and a half years I have worked as a software developer, which has provided me with lots of practical experience with design, implementation, documentation, and testing of software.

Through studies and work I have built competences within Machine Learning, Image analysis, Optimization, Operations Research, Data Analysis, Programming, and Software development. 

On the more technically specific side I enjoy C++ GPU programming, MATLAB vectorization, scientific python, and statistical modelling with R to name a few.

Scientific computing is the cross-over between mathematics and programming in which I get to both learn about, and experiment with, the natural sciences. I love that.

Work experience

Jun 2015Present


Ramboll Denmark

Engineer in department of Risk & Safety working on Quantified Risk Analysis (QRA), Mathematical modelling, Data analysis, and Statistics.

Work included modelling of event probabilities with graphical models such as belief networks and markov fields. Also, worked as software developer on Enterprise Risk Management system.

Keywords: Risk Analysis, Statistical modelling, Data Analysis, Software development.

Jan 2013May 2015

Software Developer

Ramboll Denmark

Part time position while completing graduate studies.

Software developer on cloud based Enterprise Risk Management system. Work included design, requirements specification, implementation, testing, code review and documentation as well as infrastructure management.

Keywords: Linux, Git, Apache, Python/Django, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML, CSS.

Jan 1998Mar 2010

Media Operator

IBM Danmark A/S

Planning and logistics of business critical backup systems and first line support in Mainframe Operations.



M.Sc. in Computer Science, Computational and Mathematical Modelling

Københavns Universitet (University of Copenhagen)

Masters degree in Computer Science heavily focused on Machine Learning, Image Analysis, Numerical Optimization, and Operations Research.

Courses included Statistical Methods for Machine Learning, Signal and Image Processing, Medical Image Analysis, Numerical Optimization, Advanced Topics in Data Modelling, Advanced Operations Research, Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures, and Cluster Architectures and Computations.

Also worked on several Computer Vision projects using ML and Image Analysis techniques for classification tasks.

Masters thesis: "Fast stochastic optimization of non-smooth loss functions."


B.Sc. in Computer Science, Data and Information modelling

Københavns Universitet (University of Copenhagen)

Bachelors degree in Computer Science with a focus on Statistics, Data Modelling and Analysis.

Courses included Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Functional Analysis, Operations Research, Data Analysis, Algorithms and Data Structures, Multiprogramming, and Computer Architecture.

Bachelors thesis: "Implementing stacked autoencoders in the Shark machine learning library."

Technical Competences

Machine Learning

Main area of expertise and professional specialization. 

Image analysis

Applying machine learning algorithms and patterns to complex image analysis problems was a large part of the more practical side of my time at university.

Numerical optimization

The effectiveness of all (supervised) machine learning algorithms essentially come down to the ability to optimize the parameters of a given model.

This is an essential area study for machine learning practitioners and has been a major focus area throughout my education programme.


Compiled language of choice. Plenty of experience from academic and personal projects, but have not used in a professional capacity.


Basically, all university work included some form of prototyping and/or testing in MATLAB. Many projects implemented directly in MATLAB.

Also, the tool of choice for modelling and computing risk probabilities when working professionally with QRA and statistical risk modelling.


Scripting language of choice for the past 7 years.  Main development language for the past 3 years as professional software developer.