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Project Management Professional, with strong experience of successfully delivering global scale projects, with diverse teams, to budget and on time.

I have successfully delivered projects within the ICT , Consumer Electronic, Manufacturing, Luxury Fashion Industries. 

Proven ability to not only manage projects but also perform all required analysis and solution design work, and coordinate development effort through global resource management. Among my duties, ensuring the recruitment of talented staff, create and assign tasks, deadlines, create quality gates, checking deliverables and results. Extensive experience of talent recruitment in a cloud environment.

I have a large experience in different industries, in various positions. With a strong background in Business Administration and Marketing, I covered positions as Sales Manager, Marketing Manager and Export Manager,  building a wide experience in B2B sales both in large organizations and in start-up companies.

As Marketing and Business Process Specialist, I' m highly skilled in evaluating business potential, design marketing strategies and action plans, build sales and financial forecast, run process improvement, margin optimization. Having spent most of my career in ICT companies, web oriented business and always up to date to last technologies, I acquired a deep knowledge of Digital Marketing, CRO analysis, UX heuristic analysis, metrics analysis, gearing action to enhance business performances.

Work experience


Member of the Board, Menthor


Start-up developing an integrated communication and mobile commerce system for retailers, leveraging the beacon based technologies to disrupt the traditional distribution, bringing brick-and-mortar business fully to the internet reality, where they can use what is increasingly seen as a legacy burden as a key asset: their physical location.

Due to an NDA for ongoing negotiation with VC founders, at the moment I cannot describe any further the technology.


IT Project Manager, Business Analyst


Global Manufacturer of EC Products for Mobile Market, headquartered in Hong Kong, with production facility in Guangzhou (China Mainland) and branches in USA, UK, Ukraine.

Projects Delivered

  • E-Commerce Migration to Magento CMS platform
  • ERP Migration to a new cloud system
  • ERP Customization to streamline manufacturing operations, to comply with a "Just-in-Time" production and 100% orders dispatching within 24h 
  • Vertical Integration of all company's departments
  • Multi-Channel Real Time Integration, launching sales operations on eBay, on Amazon USA, CAN, MEX, UK, GER, FRA, ITA, SPA, JPN, on Mercado Livre for South America, on Rakuten marketplaces
  • Development of Full Integration for courier DHL Global Mail. Required complete module development since DGL GM has no APIs SDK
  • Development of External Logistic Fulfillment Integration Module
  • Continuous Improvement through Development and Process Optimization

While initially not into my responsibilities, I took charge to

  • Recruit Operators for a Multilanguage Customer Service Department
  • Establish Customer Service procedures, SLA, KPIs
  • Training and onboarding process, select the Operator to promote as department manager and hand over responsibilities

It is a pure e- commerce business, selling its products worldwide on multiple markets and sales channels. I joined as Project Manager and Business Analyst, to design and deliver a series of projects with the goals to expand activities in new markets, new marketplaces, integrate all operations into a single back- end system, streamline whole business process. I identified the technologies stack, recruited IT team members and planned the deployment and development of the various tools and modules, from e- commerce CMS to ERP, from omni- channel to logistic, from business reports to CRM and Customer Service.
During my main activities, I proposed new process to manage new products Design and for Customer Service. I recruited whole new Design Team and new Multilanguage Customer Service Team, taking in house, while located
remotely, departments previously outsourced, increasing efficiency, consistency while reducing operative costs.
Reason to leave: after 2 years the projects are complete, the new departments have managers come from team I recruited, currently I keep a broad supervision activity. It is time for new challenges, a new career step.


Head of Development, Project Manager, Business Analysis, Business Process


Stack: Jelastic Linux Servers, PHP (Laravel Framework), Nginx, MySQL, Smarty, REDIS, AngularJS, JSON, node.js, websocket, Memcache

Revolion provides a cutting edge Cloud Business Suite for e-commerce, covering all areas for a real integrated omni-channel, vertical, high load, distribution companies, both B2B and B2C.

Revolion integrates into a “Single System/Single DataBase” modules like e-commerce CMS, ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation, Virtual Inventory, DropShipping, Logistic, Multi-channel full Integration, Mobile Commerce, Marketing Campaigns, B2B instruments. The project is growing to include also Machine Learning and Big Data instruments. It's not a “one size fits all”, it's designed specifically for online distribution. The key challenge is too bring all features of the above mentioned tools to large and to small and micro companies.

Project Delivered:

  • Deep and Comprehensive Analysis to identify the project goals, assign scale of significance against potential market demand,
  • Development Team building,
  • Supervise the identification of the technology stack, development process, continuous integration operations,
  • Define a set of innovative business processes, to make tools reachable only by large organizations available also to SME. To mention few, Product's Virtual Serial Number, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) like full integration among customers and suppliers, Shared Centralized Inventory Data in a “Wiki Architecture”,
  • budgeting and development roadmap enforcement

Export Manager, e-commerce Project Manager


Prime Trading is a group of companies operating under a unique brand, from Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.
Core business consists in B2B trading of ICT and CE products. In 2009 B2C activities were launched through sole e-commerce distribution model.

Along the Export Manager activities, where my duties were to deal daily with large IT Traders and Distributors, as Project Manager for e-commerce, I:

  • Supervised the creation of the trading platform, wholly Custom Made from scratch due to the specific business architecture (multiple companies, multiple countries, multiple markets, multiple warehouses, prices, catalogs, on a single system),
  • Established the proper business process for each market,
  • Activated Multi-channel strategy with partnership with main Marketplaces (Amazon and Pixmania),
  • Created supply chain rules for full cycle order-to-delivery: proper suppliers for each market segment, distributed fulfillment logistics

Export Account Manager Italy-Spain


Large German ICT distributor with over 300 Million Euros of turnover, mainly on export oerations, resulting in one of the leading European ICT distribution organization. I joined export team in the Barcelona branch, serving Italian and Iberian Markets.

My duties included daily negotiations with large Italian and Spanish distributors. Typical customers were distributors with a 5 to 50 millions Euros turnover.

I reported to Export Manager for Southern Europe and to Product Managers.


Export Sales Manager


Largest Spanish ICT distributor with over 400 Million Euros of turnover.

I was responsible for expansion in the Italian Market and reporting to Export Manager.


General Manager


Leonardo Del Moro was a “ Women Luxury Shoes”  manufacturer start- up, founded by an American and an Italian girls with solid management experience in leading luxury fashion brands. I was a close friends with them and I was asked to serve as General Manager to bring into the company a more business oriented background.

During 2004 I held position in GPI and Leonardo Del Moro at the same time. The company had head office and showroom in Milan, with production branch in Civitanova Marche, where there is one of the most important Italian luxury shoes district.
Organization was built as a “ fabless” structure, borrowing an IT term to describe it, meaning that concept and design process was internal while the production was divided into outsourced manufacturing stages.

My direct responsibilities covered:

  • organizing and supervising the new collections production,
  • Create business process for each model to estimate total production costs and order-to-delivery time,
  • Choose the outsourcing partners,
  • Materials procurement,
  • Organization of trade exhibitions “ MICAM” in Milan, “ Obuv Mir Kozhi” and “ Mosshoes” in Moscow.

I have to admit, first months were very complicated, especially when caught in between designer demands and production partners requests, in a new industry for me, but at same time very exciting and fun. I learnt very fast that shoes are much more complicated than clothes, but I'm proud to say that I convinced very experienced and difficult manufacturers to follow my “visions” and use new materials for unique results.


Sales Manager

G. P. I. SRL

GPI was a small ICT distributor in Central Italy turning into a national distributor.

In that period the ICT market was changing fast in Italy and consolidating. Anyway Italian market was, and still is, extremely fragmented. It's an usual
scenario for Italy, almost in any industry. Over the time I was in charge, the company scaled from regional to National, growth its turnover threefold to 8 Millions Euros.

The expansion strategy I created had two different levels: locally a Cash & Carry was opened, 3 sales persons were hired and provided with light vans loaded with the fastest rotating products in sort of diary processing industry's style. The aim was to become local market leader by providing most requested product “just in time” to resellers. On national level, the company “ pioneered” B2B eCommerce, targeting the most innovating, price
sensitive and less loyal resellers.

Strategies proven successful. Company eventually was acquired by a major player.


Key Account Manager


Se.Co. S.p.A., software house belonging to Legler-Polli Group, at that time one of the largest textile manufacturer in Europe.

Se.Co. S.p.A. developed an ERP system and other business software specifically designed for the whole range of the textile industry: spinning, weaving, dyeing, special fabrics, industrial tailoring, distribution.

The company decided to start to serve customers outside the group, I was recruited at the scope. My first duty was to search and target potential customers all over Italy, companies in the industry profiled by having more than 100 employees and more than 8 million Euros of turnover. Once created the Leads, I entered into extensive negotiation where I had to analyze company's business processes, find weakness, how our systems could be implemented to improve overall or department organization, often design new business process.

I reported to our CEO, working closely to our development department, creating well detailed project/proposal for the customer with offer,
deployment plan, estimation of improvements over periods, target KPIs, SLA.

When required, quite often, I followed up deployment and whole roll our process of migration from legacy system to our ERP.



Business Administration - "Economia Aziendale"

Universita' degli Studi di Modena

University Degree MBA equivalent ("Laurea") , in Economic Science. Specialization in Marketing and Business Administration.


New Technologies, Travelling, Geopolitics, Sport.