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Christian Collins

Havering Sixth Form Student


I am a 18 year old student currently studying 3 Art & Design A2 courses at Havering Sixth Form College. I have demonstrated consistantly throughout my life that I'm an amiable, co-operative character who has a passionate determination towards getting the tasks I am set done as quickly and effectively as possible. I am highly motivated and quick learning. I'm skilled in communicating with others. I combined my studies with on the job training as a Junior Production Assistant and Exhibition Site Runner.


Sep 2015Jul 2017

Art and Design : Graphics A2

Havering Sixth Form College

After completing this course i have achieved various skills. Including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I have also broadened my creative mind by producing high quality results for tasks requested. 

Sep 2015Jul 2017

Interior and Architectural Design A2

Havering Sixth Form College

From this subject i have achieved an understanding of identifying  problems and developing ideas to overcome them. I have also become much more experienced with Google Sketchup and rendering 3D spaces.

Sep 2015Jul 2017

3D Product Design A2

Havering Sixth Form College
Sep 2013Jul 2015

Graphics Design GCSE

Emerson Park Academy
Sep 2013Jul 2015

Media Studies GCSE

Emerson Park Academy

Work experience

Feb 2017Feb 2017

Inspired Gaming and Asia Gaming Excel Exhibtions

Collins Wiining Ltd 

In this exhibition, i was a runner between two different exhibitions supplying help to both sites through the construction of the project. My main tasks were to construct furniture from packaged form and also lighting focusing to enhance the displays. I made sure that they were built with the highest of quality to satisfy the needs of clients.

Jul 2016Jul 2016

John Lewis Press Day

John Lewis

In this event, i replaced existing lighting with new temporary lighting. My role was to distribute power to all required areas of the building floor. I also set up and focused the new lighting to where the client desired.

1719 Nov 2016

John Lewis STYLE Big Fashion Sale

John Lewis

Assisted in creating a John Lewis shop for this event. My main priority was to arrange and maintain stock in storage and store front. This was from delivery, through to selling to consumers, to assessing the final remainder of inventory.

1011 Sep 2016

On Blackheath Festival Production Team

John Lewis

Assisted building a John Lewis Pop-up shop for the event. My main role was to assist constructing a pop-up store and managing inventory by choosing what was to be placed in the storefront and what remained in storage.  

Jul 2015Sep 2015

Exhibition Site Runner

Louis Vuitton Exhibition Series 3

Assisting the production team during the build and de-rig of the complete event. My main priority was to be a runner for all the different contractors on site. This was a very fast paced environment due to strict deadlines everyone had to meet. 

Apr 2015May 2015

Junior Production Assistant

Collins Winning Ltd

Assisted in the delivery of various projects such as Nike Town and on Fashion Press Days.

Key Skills

Determination - I am a highly motivated and determined character who will complete the tasks that I am given effectively and efficiently.

Problem Solver - If I am faced with a situation where there is no easy answer I use my knowledge and understanding to adapt to the event and overcome the issues.

Social Skills - I have excellent communication skills which allow me to help others with less understanding of the subject and am a team player who requires minimal supervision.

Computer Skills- I have a personal interest in computing and IT. I thoroughly enjoy building my own computer from each separate component and upgrading it as required. Over the years of using computers I have developed a thorough understanding of how they work, both software and hardware wise.  


Mike Cutting, Creative Producer of Penguins

"It was lovely to meet Christian last week he’s a credit to you, a really smashing guy with a good head on his shoulders, very proactive and practical."