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Work experience

Product Inspector/Thermoformer (Snacks Dept)

Sargento Kiel, WI
  • Make sure the bowls were always filled with product.
  • Perform Weight checks and Metal checks hourly.
  • Wearing proper PPE during weekend cleans.
  • Followed GMP's to ensure good product is being processed.
  • Roated 1 or 2 different lines inspecting the product package making sure there is no air bubbles in packaging and no leakers. 
  • I used the gun to scan licence plates and moved new pallets of sticks into processing area to be put in bowls.
  • FIlled out paper work to keep track of how much product we are using and what batch number we were running.

Machine Operator for Granola Line

Natures Path Organic Foods Sussex, WI
  • I made sure good quality product was always being made.
  • I took CPC checks every hour or so checking moisture and color.
  • I always made sure the ingredients were always on the line and the feeders were full.
  • I checked my feed rates every hour and documented it on my paper work.
  • I did a end of shift scape at the end of my shift, I always tried to get it done in a timely manor in less then a hour or a hour at most.
  • I made my own goo for the line most of the time.
  • I wore PPE when we had cleans.
  • I made sure the line was always running smoothly.
  • I would make sure everyone on my line has their break at the proper time.
  • I trained new people how to run the line and how to fill out the paperwork correctly.
  • I made sure the paperwork was always filled out correctly for cleans.
  • I also was cross trained on the Extruder on how to fill out paperwork and cleaning paperwork and leaning about the different recipies and the set up of the conveyors.
  • I also know how to operate the cereal Dump Station I've also trained people on it. 
  • I'm familiar with the packaging Triangle I have learned how to calibrate the scales it when setting up. 
  • I know how to put the scales in place.


Bob Evans Joplin, MO
  • I greeted customers.
  • I seated the customers in certain sections so it rotated for the servers so everyone got an even amount of customers.
  • I helped set up tables for the servers.
  • I got drinks ready for a table if the server was busy at the moment.
  • I made sure tables were cleared and ready for new customers.
  • I made sure the sections of the restaurant were always clean.

Crew Member

McDonalds St. Robert, MO
  • I ran the front counter cash register and greeting customers.
  • I was a runner for drive thru and the front counter helping out the co-worker who is handing food out the window and for the person taking orders at the front counter.
  • I made several different drinks like iced coffees, hot coffees and smoothies.
  • I was on the cook line helping other co-workers when it was time for their break.
  • I made sure the lobby was always clean and made sure the drink cups, lids, and napkins were always full.

Crew Member

Papa Johns Lebanon, MO
  • I greeted customers as they walked through the door.
  • Took walk-in orders.
  • I took telephone orders.
  • I helped with making pizzas and pushing out big party orders making several pizzas at a time for a order of 500 pizzas.
  • I worked the front counter cash register.
  • I trained other employees how to make the pizza, take orders and the cleaning process to keep the store clean.


 Fine Arts


Maintained a 3.0