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Dec 2009Present

Product Solutions Manager


Managed entire product lifecycle for 14 web- and cloud-based Smart Grid and utility industry applications from concept to delivery. Provided coordinated development and release planning across multiple product teams. Tracked development progress using agile software development practices and key performance indicators. Gathered stakeholder input for development prospects. Collaborated with specific product owners to prioritize projects and user stories for development and QA efforts across the product line. Transformed product development from a defect ridden, lethargic development effort into a smooth running machine delivering high quality software 3 months ahead of schedule and 27% under budget. Organized several product specific customer groups to promote personal customer engagement. Created company blogs, product-specific Yammer communities, and UserVoice feedback forums to further enhance customer engagement. Developing product strategy to move outmoded desktop applications into a more profitable SaaS delivery model.

Sep 2008Aug 2009

Agile Coach

Rally Software Development

Provided coaching services to numerous organizations including Electronic Arts, eBay, PayPal,, Intuit, Qualcomm, Avaya, VeriSign and others.Added Agile disciplines and created teams and programs capable of sustaining a high pace of innovation and agility. Worked closely with marketing team to develop social media outlets to deliver agile coaching content including Twitter, Facebook, and corporate blogs. Produced a weekly live video program entitled the Rally Café via UStream to provide coaching advice, company news, and interviews with tech industry thought leaders. Featured speaker at various international agile development conferences.

Nov 2007Aug 2008

Co-Founder/Director of Software Development

Data Transfer Solutions

Directed all software development efforts and major program initiatives for web-based mapping projects. Directly responsible for the growth and development of the DTS Agile business unit from startup to over $5 million in project revenues in first year of operation. Implemented organization-wide agile practices to manage full project and product lifecycles from inception to delivery. Provided technical guidance and direction to engineering teams. Developed numerous social media programs to build a community of customers and web-mapping developers. Produced Geo-Geek TV, a developer-centric weekly video stream, featuring technical discussions, details about our interesting projects, and some mapping mayhem and fun for the web-mapping community. Featured speaker at several agile development and web-mapping conferences.

Apr 2007Nov 2007

GIS Manager

Managed day-to-day operations of the Geographic Information Systems software development team. Responsible for contract management, budget development and management, business development, proposal development, client relations, annual staff reviews, technical vision and product development for web-based satellite imagery products.Implemented agile development practices that transformed an unprofitable, underperforming software development group into a profitable, highly productive team.

Apr 2005Apr 2007

GIS Manager

Managed day-to-day operations and national staff of analysts and software developers. Responsible for contract management, business development, proposal development, client relations, agile software development methodologies, business plan development, and GIS team budgeting. Program Manager for web-mapping software development projects for U.S. Forest Service, NOAA, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management, Southern Florida Gateway Offshore and Southern California Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Implemented agile development practices for software development efforts that resulted in one of TetraTech’s most profitable divisions and also garnered some of the highest satisfaction marks from our client base.

Apr 2001Apr 2005

GIS Technical Lead

Responsible for the technical vision and direction of the corporate geographic information systems practice as well as business development, proposal development, client relations, annual staff reviews, GIS team strategic plan, and GIS team budgeting.Project Manager for several federal and state mapping and software development projects for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, NOAA, U.S. Coast Guard, Washington State Department of Ecology, Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board, and Washington State University.

Jan 2001Apr 2001

GIS Analyst

Developed desktop mapping applications to support worldwide oceanographic and seismic data library.

Sep 1999Jan 2001

Marine Geologist

Geoscience Earth and Marine Services

Developed and maintained custom geographic information systems applications for the analysis and mapping of remotely sensed marine geologic data, oil field infrastructure, cultural data, environmental data, and hazards to oil field and pipeline development.

Jun 1997Sep 1999

Marine Geologist

Developed geohazard assessments and engineering plans for offshore drilling. Developed and maintained custom geographic information systems applications for the analysis and mapping of remotely sensed marine geologic data, oil field infrastructure, and hazards to oil field and pipeline development.

Jan 1991Dec 1993

Graphic Designer

Designed print and billboard advertising campaigns for Campbell’s Soup, Johnson & Johnson, and Hewlett-Packard.

Apr 1989Dec 1990

Graphic Designer

Backer Spielvogel Bates, Inc.

Designed print advertising campaigns for various clients including Parliament, Honda, Miller Beer, Ikea, and Reebok.

Feb 1987Mar 1989


Assisted members of the creative department to design television and print advertising campaigns for Mitsubishi, Proctor & Gamble, and Philips Electronics. Fetched a lot of coffee too!



Master of Science

Texas A&M University

Member of Texas A&M Deep Tow Geophysics, Acoustics and Seafloor Mapping lab.


Athletic scholarships: Swim Team, Water Polo Team Student Marketing and Advertising National Competition Team


Ryan Martens

I have talked with Chris, seen him present and read many of his blog posts. He is a man with passion, clarity and gift to communicate. From talking with members of his team that seems to translate into a person who can lead highly-effective software teams into action. I think his blog presents the true guy; read it. If you like it, you should hire him. He knows how to help teams deliver. A servant leader in agility.

Martha Roden

I worked on a project for Chris as a contract technical writer and usability specialist. I was impressed with his excellent project management skills as he turned chaos into order ... specifically through the implementation of an innovative iterative design process. Under his guidance, his team successfully delivered software for evaluation every two weeks. His well-implemented process also allowed me to provide input for the look and feel of the software, as well as get documentation started early. It was a win-win situation for everyone!

Heather Diaz

Chris was the driving force behind getting Tetra Tech ECI to start planning a move towards an enterprise GIS platform to enable their various locations to better share spatial data and GIS resources. He was well organized in his project management approach and understood the value of incorporating feedback into the plan from all GIS users within the organization. Chris was realistic (based on his experience) in setting goals and timelines for the project. He also was diligent about communicating changes and updates to planning efforts with all stakeholders.

H.L. Arledge

In addition to being a GIS expert and an evangelist for Scrum and Agile, Chris has a deeper understanding of why these concepts work. He knows that teamwork is the glue that holds all success stories together, and he instills this understanding in those around him.

Christian Bergman

I worked with Chris Spagnuolo at the Houston PetroBank, prior to the acquistion of PGS Data Management by Landmark Graphics / Halliburton. We worked together on a number of projects in support of PetroBank utilizing both GIS and Oracle skills. He was a key contributer on these projects and worked exceptionally well in a collaborative environment. I enjoyed working with Chris and would readily recommend him based on his GIS skills, work ethic, and personality.

Zach Nies

Chris has the keen ability to articulate the pragmatics as well as the subtleties of Agile. Many people write about Agile from an instructional or high-level perspective, Chris writes from a practitioner’s perspective. His observations are highly relevant and applicable to anyone developing software using an Agile methodology.

Kerry Halligan

During my brief overlap with Chris at Sanborn, I was impressed by his high level of motivation and his intense focus on improving the efficiency and quality of our software development process. Chris sought to incorporate the most advanced software development and project management approaches and tools into our workflow, and his efforts have had a lasting impact on how our group operates.

Paul Reichert

During our time together at CTC, I relied on Chris for his experience and advice to properly scope, plan, and execute GIS project related assignments. He represented the foundation of knowledge and experience for providing high quality professional GIS services at CTC. I found Chris to be technically competent with various GIS related tools and was effective and efficient in producing high quality results on projects. He was a one-stop source for all GIS related knowledge in the Bremerton, WA office. He performed in a professional manner in his dealings with clients and used time wisely and produced full value per hour of work for customers.

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When I'm not talking about agile or GIS, I enjoy surfing, SCUBA diving, hiking, cycling, and camping with my wife and two boys. I also love marathon running, basketball and baseball.

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I’ve been in the software development for around 15 years.  I have extensive product and project management for a wide variety of software applications as well as an-depth understanding of complete product lifecycle for software application from concept to delivery. I have been a thought leader in agile development practices and sustainable innovation.  I have adopted a very Zen approach in everything I do from design and presentations to writing and speaking. Sometimes, simpler is better!