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Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Product Manager


• Responsible for Sandoz cardiovascular product offering in China. • Refocused product target market and growth strategy. • Provide academic and KOL support to field force. • Integrated product into Sandoz sales model.

Dec 2009Dec 2010

Medical Representative


• Responsible for Peking Union Medical College Hospital (北京协和医院).

• 3 months sales excellence training and field force analysis.

• Achieved Gold Award for Sales Excellence. • Liason between Asia-Pacific and China benefiting communication and performance.

May 2007Aug 2007

Marketing Analyst


• 4 month summer internship leading a patient education project. • Researched availability of disease and product information to patient. • Evaluated digital marketing strategy and access channels. • Produced growth recommendations.

"Chris was a top man, new to China, but he demonstrated strong personal tenacity and delivered some great work on patient programs for our oncology portfolio." Tom Keith-Roach Vice President China, AstraZeneca

May 2004Sep 2004

Sales Analyst

• 5 month summer sales internship in Beijing, China. • Analyzed sales data and prepared sales plans and targets accordingly. • Shadowed top medical representatives and met with KOL's


Sep 2008Present

MSc International Business and Emerging Markets

“Chris was a student in the 2008/2009 International Business and Emerging Markets MSc at the University of Edinburgh Business School. I was the director at that time and knew Chris as a fine and enthusiastic student. With his qualifications he would significantly contribute to both large and small organizations."

(Susan Carpenter CEO, International Markets Analysts Limited,taught Chris at University of Edinburgh Business School)

MESL Microwave Market Analyst

MESL collaborated with the University of Edinburgh business school in seeking advice on potential investment in emerging markets. The report focused on the telecommunications industry in India. It looked at the business environment, outlined the major telecom operators and the changes taking place within telecom infrastructure. The findings allowed for an indication of doing business in the Indian telecommunications market specifically for a telecoms component manufacturer. (

"Chris was a student on the International Business and Emerging Markets course that I co-taught in first half of 2009. In this course he worked in a group preparing a report for an Edinburgh-based mobile telephone base station components producer investigating business opportunities in the Indian market. Overall the group did very good work, and Chris' contibution was, in my assessment, by far the best. His analysis covered market players, including customers and competitors, and identified the best location for the company to open operations in India on the basis of proximity to suppliers. I felt that his work demonstrated not only an ability to gather and present facts but also a rare skill in assessing the meaning of those facts for the company and drawing conclusions for action on the basis of the analysis." (Dr. Richard Woodward - Lecturer in International Business, University of Edinburgh)

Corporate Strategy:

An overall understanding of the needs, contexts and processes of strategic management in businesses working in an international context, and some useful approaches to analyzing them. Including:

• Understanding the complexity of strategic management in international firms. 

• Knowledge of strategy alternatives for international firms. 

• Ability to apply strategy theories and models to new environments and contexts 

• The ability to communicate analyses and conclusions clearly and persuasively.  

Methods of Research:

Analysis of different methods of data collection designed to show the strengths and weakness of research methods. Including:

• How to conduct qualitative research and the key skills for interview based approaches to research 

• Principles of statistical sampling and the reliability of conclusions arising from it 

• Recognize statistical techniques appropriate to the analysis of some particular circumstances. 

• Implement sampling experiments to achieve adequate randomness and reliability in sample data. 

Accounting and Financial Management: 

Provides essential accounting and financial background and an introduction to analytical tools necessary to understand the financial management of an organization. Including:

• The interrelationship between the organisation’s accounting results, financing and valuation.

• Understand basic accounts and their relationship to the performance, financing and valuation of a company. 

• Understand the role of risk in the pricing of assets and its role in the markets for equities and bonds. 

• Learn how corporations raise capital and the valuation effects of capital structure decisions and dividend policy. 

Global Strategy and Management: 

Examined the strategic challenges faced by firms in emerging markets, as well as how multinationals from emerging markets compete in today's global markets, indentifying managerial principles that are applicable universally and those that are specific to emerging markets. 

Key topics included:   

• Global competitive dynamics; international strategies of firms from emerging markets 

• Design of global organisational structures and change management 

• Global learning and knowledge management 

• Strategic issues in cross-border strategic alliances 

• The role of corporate social responsibility in multinational firms’ strategies 

International Marketing:

• Learning of challenges presented by international marketing to equip participants to deal with differences, opportunities and threats emerging from diverse economic, demographic, political/legal, cultural, technical and competitive environments.

• Provided a comprehensive overview of international marketing issues, and instilled an appreciation of the international business and marketing environment. Introduced the international marketing environment and basic principles underlying the design and implementation of marketing strategies across and within foreign countries.

Sep 2004Jun 2008

BA Chinese and Economics

SOAS, University of London

Undergraduate dissertation: Virtual communities in China and the implication for marketing strategy.

My interest in online communities began whilst working for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in Shanghai in the summer of 2007. During this time I was assigned a project that analysed potential internet and ‘new media’ marketing channels of medicines to patients. What became apparent was that within China the Internet communities are an important source of information for people researching products and services, or generally looking for advice from existing customers. This experience led me to become interested into what makes the Internet community especially influential in the Chinese consumption process and how can organisations use these Internet communities to learn more about their target audience. I received 'distinction' for this dissertation. 

"I became acquainted with Chris in 2007/2008 when I supervised the final dissertation for his BA in Chinese and Economics at SOAS (University of London) on the topic ofvirtual communities in China (PRC) and their implications for marketing strategies.

Chris’s work covered a broad range of topics related to marketing and economics as well as cultural and media studies, such as the internet, popular culture, virtual subcultures, consumerism and commodity culture, branding, advertising, and theories of consumption.

Of particular interest were his observations on neo-tribalism in China and the impact of social tribalization and internet demographics on marketing strategies, the examination of tools for internet consumer evaluation and the investigation of the ways in which the internet is used on the one hand by companies to influence consumer choices and on the other hand by consumers to share opinions on products and brands.

Related to such issues was the analysis of the relations between marketers, cultural brokers and consumers with regard to recent Chinese socio-economic developments, and new developments in internet communication as well as youth - and netizen-behavior.

Moreover, Chris’s research investigated similarities and differences – both practical and theoretical – between China and the West in relation to online marketing strategies and consumer attitudes and activities alongside the cultural and/or technological factors engendering such differences. He thus identified a number of significant China-specific patterns and phenomena such as the construction of a distinctively Chinese net-language and uses of IRCs and internet forums to discuss brands and products.

His study was substantiated by carefully detailed research and cogent argumentation and was therefore awarded a mark of distinction.

Besides the academic value of the research, on this occasion Chris has shown a number of qualities and skills that, in my view, are widely applicable as well as required in the job market andnon-academic work environments such as ability to conduct research, evaluate and select materials and carry out work attentively, punctually and autonomously; ability to set and work by specific deadlines; independent analytical skills; clarity of thinking, argumentation and writing; foreign language skills; and ability to identify problem areas as well as opportunities for development or improvement, and work on these promptly and effectively."

(Dr Rossella Ferrari - Lecturer in Modern Chinese Culture and Language, SOAS, University of London)

Sinological research project: The influences affecting Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Usage in Modern China. 

This project looked at the residing belief still held in China of traditional medicinal concepts and and how these views influence how modern (scientific) medicine is used. The project analyzed keys areas affecting TCM today including such issues as of toxicity, integration and scientific research; i.e. the need for the extraction of the active chemicals from ingredients for acceptance in the increasing evidence-based medicine market. The Project was primarily based on interviews with Doctors and Academics in Beijing and Chinese language source material.

Economic Development of China.

Described and analysed the principal features of China's economic system as it has evolved since 1949, and examines the nature and sources of China's economic growth and structural change at both the macro and sectoral levels. A detailed chronological account of China's development policies from 1949 to the present day is given, within the historical context of pre-1949 China. The main emphasis is on the remarkable impact which economic reform has had upon the economy since 1978.

Chinese (Mandarin) for Business

Taught a broad range of general business situations at a reasonable level of fluency including business life and conditions: e.g. travel, meetings, negotiations, factory visits, exhibitions, and joint ventures: also including dinner parties, street scenes, speeches and celebrations.

Elementary Cantonese

Introduced spoken elementary Cantonese producing an ability to hold a simple conversation in Cantonese and function adequately in standard social situations requiring the use of Cantonese. 



Beijing Shifan University

Intermediate Modern Chinese Language

A course enabling students to read modern documents such as newspapers and academic publications, have mastered issues of grammar and varied discourses, and be able to use the target language with improved accuracy.

Readings in Modern Chinese

Ability to read and comprehend a modern Chinese text (medium level; printed in simplified script) adequately.

Classical Chinese

Ability to read and comprehend basic classical and literary Chinese texts (printed in either full form or simplified script) adequately, basic understanding of Classical Chinese grammar, read simple texts from the Warring States and Han periods, and appreciate aspects of Chinese culture through the texts.


Repton School

·A-Levels: Art (A); Business Studies (B); History (C)

·AS Level: Classical Civilisation (B)

·GCSE: 5xA, 3xB, 1xC (incl. English & Maths)

·Leadership positions: Deputy Head Prefect of boarding house; School Prefect.

·Activities: Combined Cadet Force (CCF); Rugby; Voluntary Community Service


Running: Ran the London Marathon in April 2009 for St. John's Ambulance, a charity that provides first aid medical care to those who need it the most. 

Cycling: Cycled from London to Dijon in the summer of 2008. This trip was 1000km and completely unsupported.

Traveling: Traveling has helped to shape my interest in business strategy within emerging markets. I enjoy travelling 'off the beaten' path and look at travelling as an opportunity to learn about different cultures. 

Online Presence


EFR Certification

Emergency First Response

Rescue Diver