Expertise is most versatile: social marketing, non-profit, arts, media relations, high-end luxury goods.

Presently freelancing, current gig is as publicist to an emerging film company with highly touted film amid prominent film festivals.

Another recent gig was as publicist to a unique sculpture project--this included crafting a marketing plan, coordinating press release and social site content, plus building a list of national science museums to pitch an exhibit itinerary.Another prior gig was as a publicist to a leading lifestyle author.Other project gigs have included a series of press releases for a new age website, plus building a media list for a NYC photographer. Also a recent consulting project coordinating social media campaign for a top area service company. Plus crafting social platforms for other consumer goods products.

A prior freelance gig was as PR consultant for a high end liqueur--including mounting a national press release campaign, and coordinating a recent broadcast segment featuring a local chef with client liqueur recipe.Pallini Limoncellohttp://www.youtube.com/v/KPX2DKihCno?fs=1&hl=en_US

An ongoing endeavor is as make-up and spa reviewer for examiner.comhttp://www.examiner.com/makeup-in-arlington/bronze-and-brazen-arlingtonhttp://www.examiner.com/makeup-in-arlington/survive-the-swelter-arlington-1

A particularly substantial endeavor was project management of a high profile ReBuilding Iraq conference. Including coordination of the high profile speakers roster, and also presentations and moderating the conference from the speakers podium. This also included recruitment of speakers, plus other substantial liaison with speakers bureaus or private representatives. Also coordinated and directed all national media relations, plus vendor relations. Also assorted contact with the high profile speakers, congressional and embassy contact. Also including management oversight of the new office start-up logistics.  Prior public affairs endeavors included a position at a prior business magazine as economic development specialist/ public affairs, to promote magazine sales and coordination of an annual awards program partnered with a prominent non-profit. This also included a vast portfolio of national economic development clients--private and public, plus their ad agencies, as well as major brokerage firms. Other prior publishing sales included prestigious client list ( associations, embassies, media, brokerage )

Prior arts endeavors have included stints as a gallery director, plus other gallery project efforts--including branding/ promotion of an online art site and auction.  Also a consulting project for a prominent international art auction. Plus prior PR/ development volunteer endeavors for a prominent museum organization. This included press releases and liaison with host museums. Also data base endeavors with lenders list and cataloging. Media placements included all the prime arts publications, TOWN+ COUNTRY, TRAVEL + LEISURE.

Another freelance gig was as editorial assistant at the venerable social register, The Green Book - The Social List of Washington.

Still other freelance projects included promoting a broadcast technology product to Embassy Row.  



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