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Chris Muhlenfeld

Operations Leadership • Cost Containment • Strategy to Action Performance Management • Team Development/Training  Enterprise Architecture • Startup Expertise • Operational Efficiencies

Work experience



Unity Technology Systems LLC

Started 2 Information Technology businesses from scratch, stewarding them into multi-million dollar enterprises.

►Known for making tough decisions and building matchless teams that can navigate                    through complex financial situations. Expanded into profitable recession-proof niches in        2008.

►Currently leads a staff of 30 with a responsibility for a $5M budget.

►Builds synergistic teams that work seamlessly between sales, support, and service                        delivery.

►Fosters employee loyalty with almost no turnover in 10 years.

►Interacts directly with CEOs, school superintendents, and other directors.

►Provides direction for sales team that produced explosive revenue increases of 200% per        year.

►Implemented a billing software program that improved accuracy, efficiency and                         prevented revenue “leakage,” recovering $100K annually.

►Automated sales processes that drove a 350% increase in sales volume without additional      staff.

►Created up-selling opportunities that expanded average sale by 50%.

►Streamlined workflow processes to provide a 10x faster response time than competition and was 10-25% cheaper.

►Designs superior solutions to client schools, improving technology quality for thousands          of students.

►Under impossible deadlines, completed a massive year-long $1.8M project within 60                days, along with providing an unmatched array of technologies and services to overtake          competitors.

►Went the extra mile to support an emergency crisis, resulting a large customer support              contract.

►Ultimate measure is customer satisfaction, which not only builds loyalty but improves the         bottom-line.


Vice President/CFO

Native Innovation Inc.

Co-founded a boutique IT related product and services company.

►Developed a cutting-edge product for iPhone and Android users that helped preserve a            native culture.

►With a $50,000 investment, created a company grossing over $1.25M within 2 years.

►Company experienced exponential growth of 354% in year 2 and 74% in year 3.

►Effective at long-term strategy and planning through integrity and trustworthiness.

►Successfully managed 2 companies simultaneously.

►Organized an annual 3 day conference for 300-500 regional educators, grossing company      $50K.

►Interacted directly with CEOs, school superintendents, and other directors. 

►Successfully dealt with federal, state, tribal and local bureaucracies.


Senior Systems Engineer

Northern Arizona University

Managed a team responsible for designing, deploying and maintaining a financial management system for 20 school districts. Skyrocketed soft revenue by 656% with another organization.


Support Systems Analyst

Northern Arizona University

Provided remote and on-site technical assistance to professors, teachers and staff at the university.


Network Engineer

Outsource International


Northern Arizona University