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Work experience

Mar 1989Mar 2009

Youth Leader III

Multi County Juvenile Systems

March 1989 - December 1998 MCJAS 

 Worked at the New Philadelphia Girls Group Home during my employment our program was designed to provide residential care and treatment services in an open setting for youth who are able to function in the regular public-school system.  Emphasis is placed on developing the skills necessary to return either to the family setting or to independent adult living.

            Job Duties 

  • Stucturing group interventions with youth.
  • Enrollment of the youth into public schools.
  • Arrange counseling for all the youth who entered our care.
  • Ensured all youth was enrolled in a medical coverage program.
  • Set up of  purchase orders and billing of the food program mandated by JFS requirements.  
  • Trained to administor medication including controlled substances.
  • Organize fundraiser events for activities for the youth.

December 1998 - March 31st 2009 MCJAS

 Transfered to our detention center also known as Tusc. Attention Center. Detention is focused on short-term services. The detention centers hold youth for the Courts prior to the hearing on the case or while arrangements are being made for placement elsewhere.  The focus of the detention centers' programs is learning responsibility for individual behavior.

          Job Duties

  • Daily skill-building sessions/ Life Skills
  • Implimenting the Jason Foundation curriculum for suicide awareness,
  • Work related topics like filling out a job application and doing mock interviews. 
  • Anger management and good decision making curriculums.
  • Oversee solid programming, Ensure consistency and good role modeling by all staff under my supervision.
  • Schedule / Coordinate indoor and outdoor recreation activities.
  • Empower the youth by the introduction of activities needed for development of pro social / positive behavior.
  • Organize and impliment the violence prevention program annually.
  • MAYSI assessments on all youth. (suicide markers / substance abuse/ anger / depression).
  • In charge of ensuring the safety and security of the facility was being met by staff and all youth.


Mar 2002May 2002


Buckeye Career Center


Michael Williams

Chris Snyder-Kerper

Walter Thornsley

Afternoon supervisor MCJAS


Mar 2009Mar 2010

CPR/AED/First Aid

American Red Cross

Emergency Response Training

,ORC Regulations

Juvenile Rights

MCJAS-DYS Standards