Chris is a Film Editor with Impact.  Specializing in Trailers, TV spots, and shorts.  

Chris M. Gordon's background includes Picture Editing, VFX Editing, Post Production Supervision, Film Finishing, and Assistant Editing.  He has cut extensively on AVID, FCP, as well as 35mm.  Chris has a strong practical grasp on most if not all areas of post production for Features, Television, Trailers, and TV spots.  By working in different capacities at some of the top motion picture advertising houses, such as Intralink, Frankfurt/Balkind, Cimarron, mOcean, and Craig Murray Productions, Gordon has amassed great experience editing and finishing Theatrical Trailers, and prime time :30 TV Spots.  

Professional responsibilities include building post production workflows, editing, sound design, onlining, re-record mixing, and strategizing system workflows.  

As a film finisher, Chris has worked on numerous hi profile theatrical advertising campaigns such as STAR TREK: Insurrection, LETHAL WEAPON 4, PEPSI "Hot Topics", AMERICAN BEAUTY, OUTFOXED, MORTAL KOMBAT, TOMORROW NEVER DIES, and dozens of others.

Chris likes working in post production and is very happy in this environment.  In addition to all the technical stuff, Chris likes meeting new people, and can be very fun to work with.

Work experience

Work experience
2006 - Present

Freelance Film Editor & Trailer Editor

Chris M Gordon

Feature Picture Editor, Trailers, and Promos.

VFX Compositor, VFX Editor

Feature projects include: "The Pat Brown Documentary," "David & Fatima," "Do Not Disturb,"

Short Projects include: "The Hitch Hiking Game," "Rethink Afghanistan," "Sick for Profit," "Stop Kennedy Smears," and a variety of other campaigns.  

2003 - 2005

Film Editor

Brave New Films

Film Editor for Robert Greenwald's OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism; THE WAL-MART MOVIE: The High Cost of low Price; UNCOVERED; The War in Iraq; UNCOVERED; The Truth about the Iraq War.

1998 - 2002

Post Production Supervisor

Clear Visions Inc.

Responsible for Pepsi Co "Hot Topics" Account.





VFX Composting

I can Morph, Greenscreen, Composite, Track and do a large variety of Visual Effects (After Effects, Motion).


Final Cut Pro

Highly proficient with FCP and Apple's related products: Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack, Logic, LiveType.