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Work experience

Jul 2005Present


Falcon Enterprises Associates, Inc.





Chris McNally, President of Falcon Enterprises Associates, Inc., brings more than 20 years of experience in construction and remodeling to his clients. An expert in quality management, Mr. McNally serves as a liaison between property owners and the best architects, builders, engineers, design specialists, and other construction professionals. Christopher McNally’s goal at Falcon is to provide budget oversight, problem solving, and communication to ensure quality results in clients’ construction projects. With an extensive background within the field and keen business acumen, he established Falcon in 2005.Christopher McNally began his career in construction in the 1980s, during which time he became skilled in plastering, tile setting, painting, and related areas. In 1989, he founded First Impressions Contracting, a company specializing in painting and plastering services. While overseeing the business, he gained a reputation for quality and reliability, which attracted distinguished clients including Michael J. Fox. He later joined On the Level Enterprises, where he served as that firm’s Supervisor/Project Manager, and then Bohn Fiore, Inc., where he acted as Supervisor. After joining construction management firm Taocon, Inc., in 1998, Chris McNally began working on innovative properties, applying the company’s vision of “habitable art” to his role as Project Manager, and ultimately to his role at Falcon.A supporter of clean energy and environmental conservation, Chris McNally contributes to such organizations as Riverkeeper, a New York-based advocate for clean water; the Central Park Conservancy, a group dedicated to enhancing the New York City landmark; and Scenic Hudson, a nonprofit committed to protecting the Hudson River. He also serves as a member of the National Resources Defense Council’s Circle of 1,000.