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IIndustrial designer focused on form design, household products, surface modeling. My approach to design is about personal expression of feeling, humanity and detail. I’m passionate about sharing happiness and ideas. 

Let talk about my design philosophy, I am always and looking forward to design products which can communicate with people, user centered design is one of my major concerns when I am doing design. I design product not only for user needs, but also to focus on the design detail, product features, user interfaces which can communicate to people, which is going to let my products to tell the users how to operate them, how to use them or not to use them, how I want them to feel, and how I feel. the reason of doing user centered design not to just to design safer products by introducing appropriate operation and using procedures, but also try to invent better user experiences. I tried to explorer interesting forms design by drawing music rhythm in a subject of Product Semantic when I was studying HD of Product Innovation Technologies at School of Design, PolyU.  In the last year of my study of BA (Hons) of Art and Design in Education, PolyU,  I spend 3 seminar on researching the application of affordances (which is a term to describe human - object interaction, raised by  James J. Gibson at 1977) of daily object by studying how people transform the form of object based on their purposes and usages. I believe my studies in collage is going to give me a great help on further design in the future.

I am an expert of 3D Modeling. I can operate Alias Design Studio, Solidworks, Pro-E and Adobe Design Suites. I am now catching up on digital sculpting software like Zbrush and Maya, which is helping me out on developing free form products, I can create really quick concept drawing to illustrate my ideas which is one of my strength. Well trained  3D painting skills and experiences of mine also one of my  essential abilities to produce prototype for further design estimation, user experience test and product interface adjustment etc. 

2 years in-school manufacturing training in Industrial Center built up my knowledge on material selection, production of hot metal, steel metal, CNC machining, molding, and product safety. I have experienced about 3 years on Industrial design industry, including home security product, such as, sensor stair light, remote door chain, lantern, and  household product, such as kitchen ware, computer speaker, toy camera, wooden furniture and so on.

5 years production experiences of managing manufacturing procedures helps strengthen  my knowledge and skills of production planning, including material selection, scheduling working procedures, inspecting prototype to fulfill the requirement of safety aspect, monitoring CNC production  etc. 

After 5 years working in factory helping productions, I decided that I wanted a career in a design studio working with other designers. I work hard in a team, but I like to try to do something I love. Rather to produce design with no inspiration, I prefer move out from factories and to seek for new experience, to design user friendly products. I believed that I’ve got inspiration from studying those existing products on the market, and I wish I can design for an propose of  providing new experience for the users, helping to bring fun and happiness.







Work History

Jun 2016Now

Senior Industrial Designer

Backstage International Ltd.

Health care and medical product design - CPAP machine, sonic toothbrush, Supervising CAD drawing according to manufacturing issue. Managing manufacturing analysis, cost analysis etc. Meeting with clients to establish the design brief, concept, performance and production criteria. Working on Ideas and design development, with or without CAD such as Solidworks, Pro-E. Identifying the suitability and availability of materials, provide finalized photorealistic rendering for presentation. Preparing rapid prototyping for product test. Refining structures according to the requirement of the testing lab to ensure the product can pass the lab-test etc. 

Feb 2013Feb 2016

Design & Project Manager

Rich Creation Internation Ltd.

Working for some decoration design and installation projects for some Casino like Wynn and MGM. My duties is to convert client's concept drawing to workable design, work with factories and make sure all the product will be perfect for installation. Decoration design: Redesign decoration / sculpture from concept drawing for art director according to installation process and production aspect. 3D visualization: Providing 3D drawing for production to evaluate the structure of the products, providing photo realistic rendering for the clients. Materials selection: Selecting materials according to the production suitability, safety issues. Technical drawing: Provide technical drawing for production. 

Dec 2006Present

3D Digital CGI Artist


Technical 3D modeling of industrial standard for production and manufacturing.

Alias class A surface modeling, designing consumer products with smooth surfaces, with real world dimensions and details. Relatively quick adjustment on the shape of the products.  

Solidworks modeling for CNC and Rapid Prototyping (3D print / CNC / Mass production etc.)

Realistic computer rendering for product promotion and presentation. 

Software skills: Alias Design, Solidworks, Zbrush, Maya, Keyshot, Vray, Mentalray, Photoshop, Ai, Indesign, Mari. 

Aug 2012Dec 2012

Graphic Designer

Ak Signs

Signs and Shops Graphic Design, CMYK output control and vinyl tools 2D CAD control, focusing on interior installation and exterior displays design, monitoring production.

Oct 2009Sep 2011

Design Manager

BMI Innovation Limited

Brand design, help designing promotion material and communicate with company client, provide design service on rebuilding company identity.

Mar 2009Sep 2009

Industrial Designer

Banda Star Industrial Limited

Designing home security products for the US market, including sensor lighting, lantern, remote door chain, emergency lighting.


Sep 2011Jan 2015

BA (Hons) Art and Design in Education

School of Design, Hong Kong Poly U

This programme's main focus is on the provision of advanced art and design training at the practical and theoretical levels that are suitable to the local culture and its educational context. The programme offers opportunities in academic research and school-based educational development, as well as art and design experimentation in the workplace.

Sep 2006Jun 2008

HD of Product Innovation Technologies

School of Design, Hong Kong Poly U

This programme integrates industrial design, manufacturing engineering and new product innovation technologies. Business and marketing knowledge for new product innovation is another key component.

In the project subjects, which combine theory and practice, students develop creative and innovative abilities in simulated and client projects. The strategic alliance of PolyU Design, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Industrial Centre ensures students’ access to the best expertise and facilities.

The programme consists of substantial amount of laboratory work, practical training, hands-on experiments and problem-based project components.


Alias Design Studio
Nurbs 3D modeling software, able to handle Class A surfaces
Engineering 3D software for product design, able to handle material section, technical drawing, aims production.
Rendering software
Digital sculpting software
Polygon modeling 3D software
Substance Painter
Texturing software
Rendering software
Adobe Photoshop
Photo editing software
Adobe Illustrator
Vector drawing software

Design Projects

06/2007 – 08/2007 Mini-beanie
Soft toys design project, designing new type of soft toy which can provide new experience for the users, restoring the user' feeling of joy through color and touch.

09/2007 – 12/2007 Leung So Kee
Marketing project, promoting brand name, Leung So Kee is a very traditional umbrella manufacturer. Old company with special umbrella making technique, Designing new product for it to help attaching the teenagers and rebuilding it brand.

09/2007– 12/2007 IFDA
Furniture Design for IFDA 2008 Competitions, tea table design for expressing the feeling of family, love, and communication.

09/2008 – 01/2008 Caritas Medical Centre
Occupational Therapy tools design. Game controller design for occupational therapy, for helping the patients to go through the whole therapy process by using the controller to play games.

01/2008 – 06/2008 Platoform
Speaker’s form design for feeling expression, form design, designing new form of speaker by studying how surfaces, curves, and colors influences the user’s feeling


Product design artworks and concept drawing, 3D illustration etc.


Current Salary: 25,400 HKD     /      Expected Salary: 30,000 HKD