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I am a versatile, highly-experienced and adaptable individual who wishes to continue in a lead role as a Front-End Web Developer. I want to make full use of my analytical, technical and communication skills as well as my design sense. I desire to mentor others and implement solutions which take complete advantage of my expertise in HTML, CSS & JavaScript and all of their related technologies.

Work experience

Mar 2017Present

Frontend Developer

  • Performed an integral role in transitioning the company's software offerings to a True SaaS platform.
  • Created custom SSI header, footer & cookiescript components for 5 different customers.
  • Use HTML, CSS (with Sass), JavaScript (with Preact), Sketch designs, PHP, Twig templates, GIT, Jenkins and AWS services to create new communities & improve our True SaaS platform.
  • Create various Facebook apps for our customers to facilitate social sharing as well as Facebook's SSO.
  • Continuously create and improve our internal documentation for our various processes, how-to's and customer implementation information.
  • Member of the Implementation Team, responsible for regular improvements to our branded templates platform as well as the front-end implementation (and aftercare) of our customers' community platforms.
  • Work together with my colleagues in an agile mode, including Jira tickets, daily standups, grooming, refinement, retro and planning sessions.
  • Assist in SSO setups and data migrations of new customers from their current, non-inSided platforms.
Sep 2014Mar 2017

Senior Front-End Developer

  • Served as the point of contact for all front-end development work on several projects.
  • Implement specific designs, mainly responsive, using HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript within the following:
    • Bootstrap framework using Handlebars templates and working directly with the WebSphere Portal developers.
    • Foundation framework, working directly with the WebSphere Portal developers.
    • Siebel CRM, working directly with the Siebel developer.
    • Liferay CRM, working directly with the Liferay developer.
  • Collaborative design and development of the appropriate solution.
  • Detailed development and unit / integration testing.
  • Worked in an agile mode, including daily standups and Jira stories.
  • Simulated backend processing via the Mockjax approach.
  • Part of mass layoffs in September 2016 due to company's financial and business difficulties.
  • Brought back on as a contractor in November 2016.
Jul 2014Sep 2014

Front-end Developer

  • Member of the Implementation Team, responsible for specific (Enterprise) customers regarding the front-end implementation (and aftercare) of their community platforms, which are used by millions of users.
  • Together with my direct colleagues (including designers, project implementation manager and more) I work in an agile mode (short lines) to ensure that the project is successfully implemented and the customer is happy.
  • I ensure that specific designs are implemented using HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript in combination with the Photoshop designs and standardized inSided platform components using PHPTwig templates.
  • I used GIT for version control.
  • Problems with the sale of our house in the US made it necessary for me to leave.
Jun 2013Jun 2014

Front-end Developer

Moosylvania Marketing
  • Responsible for creating, maintaining and troubleshooting web sites for various clients.
  • Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP to create & maintain sites.
  • Utilizing the Responsive Design technique for coding my sites as well as my HTML emails.
  • I have developed in the SilverStripe platform & used GIT for version control.
  • I have developed several eBlasts (HTML email) using Campaign Monitor.
  • Used GIT for version control.
May 2013Jun 2013

Front-end Developer (contractor)

Savvis Direct
  • Worked as a contractor for TEKsystems at savvisdirect.
  • Using AngularJS, HTML & CSS (Sass/Bourbon) to redevelop the control panels for savvisdirect customers' cloud-based servers.
  • Working in a Linix (ubuntu) environment.
Feb 2013May 2013

Front-end Developer (contractor)

Hello Agency
  • Worked as a contractor for ConSol Partners at Hello Agency.
  • Created a site making extensive use of jQuery animation techniques.
  • Worked on a site which was loosely based on the Ascensor javascript framework.
  • Applied a responsive-design layout to an existing retail site for mobile devices.
Nov 2012Feb 2013

Front-end Developer (contractor)

LBi Belgium
  • Worked as a contractor for ITHR at LBi.
  • Worked on user interface coding and styling for the Belgian National Railway's B2B and B2C sites.
  • Used Sitecore, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery) & ASP to create & maintain pages for the sites.
Nov 2007Nov 2012

Lead Front-end Developer

  • Hired on in June of 2009 as a continuation of my position through Aspire Consulting.
  • Responsible for creating, maintaining and troubleshooting web sites for various clients.
  • Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery), XML & .NET to create & maintain sites.
  • I have developed & maintained several Facebook tab-pages for various clients.
  • I have developed in several platforms including Sitecore, Wordpress & .NET.
  • Utilizing the Responsive Design technique for coding my sites, when feasible.
  • Mentoring junior web developers.
  • Handled technical management of projects.
  • Handled full project management (including coordination with client) in several instances.
  • Worked for 3 months, from May through August of 2011, in the Amsterdam, Netherlands office.
  • My title was Manager.
Nov 2007Jun 2009

Senior Front-end Developer (contractor)

  • Worked as a contractor for Aspire Consulting at FleishmanHillard.
  • Responsible for creating, maintaining and troubleshooting existing sites for various clients of Fleishman-Hillard.
  • Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML & ASP to create & maintain sites.
  • Created a whole new portal for a client using their version (OneWeb) of the Day Communiqué site creator. Had to drastically alter the way OneWeb is usually used in order to deliver the desired look and feel.
  • Took on the lead developer role for handling the digital needs of Fleishman’s largest client.
  • Re-worked Aspire’s web site in order to meet management’s requirements.
  • My title was Senior Consultant (Custom Solutions Practice).
Nov 2007Jun 2008

Front-End Web Developer (digital freelancer)

  • Presented by Aspire Consulting for freelancing at FleishmanHillard.
  • Hired by Aspire Consulting in June of 2008.
Aug 2007Nov 2007

Senior Software Developer - Small Business Television
  • Responsible for creating, maintaining and troubleshooting existing ASP and ASP.NET pages as well as existing Flash 8 / ActionScript 2.0 video players. The work on those pages also involved trouble shooting the SQL queries nested inside.
  • Working on creating a new Flash 9 / ActionScript 3.0 video player that processes an XML object to determine which video clips to play.
  • Working on JavaScript functionality to send a request message to a Web Service, via SOAP, and then processing its XML response. That XML object was then parsed through to determine the advertisements to be displayed in various zones on the page.
  • A change in availability of funding resources changed the requirements of the position to where the company was no longer able to afford to keep me on.
Jan 2000Aug 2007

Senior Front-end Developer

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Front-End Software Engineer / Senior Technical Designer:

  • Member of the User Experience Group {March ‘04 ~ August ‘07}.
  • At Enterprise Rent-A-Car, UEG consists of three areas: Usability Architecture, Visual Design and Front-End Design.
  • As a member of the Front-End Design team within UEG, I was responsible for building the presentation layer of applications, transforming the vision of the Usability Architects and Visual Designers into reality.
  • Provided modular template-based solutions by using well-formed standards compliant HTML, CSS & JavaScript which can be reused throughout applications.
  • Worked with software development to tailor and integrate my hand-offs as needed in order to deliver a consistent user experience fulfilling the needs of the customer, the specifications of the design, and the goals of the business.
  • Expected to provide the latest techniques and technology to the company for usage in future applications as well as enhancements to existing applications.

Software Engineer in a Systems Analyst role:

  • Member of the Rental Redesign team {July ‘01 ~ March ‘04}.
  • Designed numerous prototype screens of the ECARS 2.0 application utilizing HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Facilitated user review meetings.
  • Attend and facilitate, on a rotating basis, regular SA and UID peer meetings.
  • Re-worked several JSP’s in order to “clean up” the layout & design.
  • Coordinated requirements into analysis and functional design specifications.
  • Recognized as an expert in User Interface Design. Regularly provided mentoring and advice to other designers.
  • Recognized as an expert with the department specified screen standards for the ECARS 2.0 application. Served as the point of contact.
  • Functioned in a lead role for the effort to translate the app’s screens into French and German. Served as the point of contact.
  • Functioned in a lead role for the effort to normalize our error messages into a single document. Served as the point of contact.
  • Performed regular application testing for both standards and requirements.
  • Regular and frequent interaction with various peers, QA and business users.

Software Engineer:

  • Member of the Car Sales Redesign GUI team {January ‘00 ~ July ‘01}.
  • Utilization of PowerBuilder to develop the Car Sales Remarketing Application which was rolled out to the US in May, 2001.
  • Utilization of PowerBuilder to develop and maintain the prototype of the CSR application.
  • Utilization of InterSpace to test the services created by the CSR server group. Also used InterSpace to generate PowerBuilder DataWindows.
  • Interaction with various peers and business users.
Jul 1997Dec 1999

Senior Programmer / Analyst

May Merchandising Company / May Department Stores International
  • Application level design and technical specifications for PowerBuilder development projects.
  • Design, code, unit-test and system-test development projects.
  • Program and System walk-throughs with Manager and Business Analysts for PowerBuilder development projects.
  • Extensive use of PowerBuilder, SQL and COBOL in all job aspects.
  • Worked with DataWindow objects and controls, non-visual objects, menus, user objects, windows and the PFC while developing PowerBuilder applications.
  • Worked with SQL stored procedures in addition to standard SQL tasks while working with databases.
  • Production support of Tandem mainframe systems.
  • Program and System documentation.
  • Trained new programmers on Tandem applications and on PowerBuilder applications that I worked on.
  • Source and version control.
  • Identified and implemented process improvements while performing support and development tasks.
Feb 1996Jul 1997


BJC Health System
  • Support position for the SMS {Shared Medical Systems} system.
  • Required the rapid learning of the SMS system which is an extremely complex and cumbersome vendor package.
  • Attended numerous classes and seminars for various "pieces" of the SMS system.
  • Intensive research and analysis is required for the myriad of problems and situations that arose.
  • Involved frequent communication with SMS representatives and BJC's Patient Accounts Department.
Aug 1995Feb 1996


Solution Consultants, Inc.

~ At First Data Resources

  • Updating, fixing and cleaning-up COBOL II programs.
  • Updating, fixing and cleaning-up JCL members.
  • Going through documentation, specs and functionals to determine state of project.
  • Extensive system testing of Marketing Fulfillment System.
  • Technical environment: COBOL, COBOL II, SUPRA, SQL, JCL, IBM, OS/MVS, SAR, TSO.

~ At MasterCard International

  • Generated production documentation for new jobs being implemented.
  • Made updates to COBOL II programs.
  • Generated Report Request for New/Changed Reports.
  • Promoted modules for integration testing.Technical environment: COBOL, COBOL II, SUPRA, SQL, JCL, IBM, OS/MVS, SAR, TSO.
Jul 1992Aug 1995

Programmer / Analyst

Boatmen’s National Bank
  • Managed a variety of responsibilities.
  • Member of the DDA group which provided accurate and timely Demand Deposit Accounting processing; insured integrity of data, reports and interfaces to other applications.
  • Took an active role in problem solving by documenting problems, analyzing solutions and presenting them to co-workers.
  • Recognized the broader implications of a project: Perform all that should be done, not just as directed.
  • Determined the real needs of internal and external customers by asking the right questions, listening and then confirming.
Dec 1990Jul 1992

Programmer / Analyst

The May Department Stores Company / Mid-West Data Center
  • Worked on designing, coding, testing, and implementing the Associate Benefits System, while continuing support on the Employee Benefits System that was being replaced.
  • Interacted extensively with Arthur Anderson consultants as both technical and system support resource.
  • Acted as a liaison with the users on EBS maintenance when a problem occurred or a task needed to be accomplished.
Sep 1989Dec 1990

Programmer / Analyst

Sachs Electric Company
  • My first job after graduating from University.
  • Developed and maintained systems, applications, and programs on a Tandem EXT20 NonStop system.
  • Daily activities included communication with users in various departments and also with several vendors.
Mar 1986Oct 1988

Computer Operator

Associated Building Centers, Inc.
  • I worked at this position while attending University.
  • General Operations Functions.
  • Assisted the company in the process of switching from an IBM System 3 to a Unisys A3 Series Mainframe.


Feb 2018Present

Modern React with Redux

Udemy Academy

I am currently taking this course to master the fundamentals of React and Redux, develop apps with React Router, Webpack, and ES6. This course involves 9 sections:

  1. An Intro to React
    -- 20 sessions
  2. Ajax Requests with React
    -- 13 sessions
  3. Modeling Application State
    -- 4 sessions
  4. Managing App State with Redux
    -- 13 sessions
  5. Intermediate Redux: Middleware
    -- 19 sessions
  6. React Router + Redux Form
    -- 30 sessions
  7. Bonus - RallyCoding
    -- 13 sessions
  8. More to Come!
    -- 2 sessions
  9. React Router + Redux Form
    -- 37 sessions
Mar 2010Mar 2010

Sitecore Certified Developer


Trained to know how Sitecore works and to develop sites using the Sitecore Content Management System.

Jul 2001Sep 2001

Chancellor’s Certificate in Interactive Web Development

UMSL Continuing Education & Outreach Microcomputer Program

Courses taken to achieve certificate:

  • Intermediate Applications of SQL
  • Advanced Applications of SQL
  • Introduction to ASP Using VBScript
  • Intermediate Applications of ASP Using VBScript
  • Intermediate Applications of JavaScript
  • Advanced Applications of JavaScript
  • Web Page Animation Using JavaScript and CSS
May 2001Jul 2001

Chancellor’s Certificate in Web Page Design

UMSL Continuing Education & Outreach Microcomputer Program

Courses taken to achieve certificate:

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Intermediate Applications of HTML
  • Advanced HTML
  • Designing Web Pages Using DreamWeaver
  • DHTML: Cascading Style Sheets
  • Introduction to Flash
  • Introduction to JavaScript


May 1997May 1997

Summit and PlanView


Software packages for project and time/resource management.

Aug 1995Aug 1995

Teach Yourself VisualBasic 3.0 in 21 days

SAMS Publishing

Went through the entire book for teaching one's self Visual Basic. Performed as my first assignment for Solution Consultants, Inc. in their PC lab.

Dec 1993Dec 1993

Existing Systems Workbench (ESW) SmartEdit and SmartTest

ViaSoft, Inc.
Feb 1990Feb 1990

Tandem Basic Concepts and Facilities

Tandem Computers, Inc.

Tandem Computers, Inc. is no longer an independent company. It is now a server division within Hewlett Packard.
Aug 1984Aug 1989

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Southeast Missouri State University
  • Major - Computer Science
  • Minor - Mathematics
  • Received the President's Scholarship from Southeast Missouri State University in 1984.


English - Completely fluent, written & oral (mother tongue).

Dutch - I am currently taking Dutch classes at the Vrije Universiteit with a goal of attaining a level of fluency that will enable to pass the Inburgering Exam. I had also done some studying in this language in preparation for the 3 months my family & I lived in Amsterdam from May through August of 2011 as well as the 3 months I lived in Amsterdam from June through September of 2014.

French - Can understand basic written & oral. I was one course from getting a second minor in French while in college. Post-college, I have taken several "Conversational French" classes through a local community college.

Spanish - I studied this language for one year in high school.


Running & Cycling

I have completed 10 marathons and have also ran numerous other races such as half marathons, 10 milers, 10 Ks, 5 milers and 5 Ks. I am also an avid cyclist who enjoys commuting by bicycle.


I am a fan of Electronica, Classical, Be-bop Jazz & New Wave.


I am a big fan of football (soccer), baseball & ice hockey.

Art & Design

I am very appreciative of a well-designed, contemporary space. I also enjoy admiring great works of art (various mediums) in museums. Although I do have an eye for great art & design, alas my hands weren't blessed with the necessary talent. Even so, this does help to explain my interest & passion in web development.